Sunday, November 05, 2017

Dogs in Kuta @ Bali [Indonesia]

Some of you might have been shocked by the poor condition of dogs i highlighted in my post here which centered mostly on the canines at Sukawati Art Market.

The situation at Kuta was a lot better and i did chance upon quite a few dogs in my short 4-day trip to Bali; they were better groomed and i couldn't quite confirm if they were strays or pet dogs.

Pure-breeds had a higher chance of being identified as a pet dog as in the case of the miniature pinscher above which appeared to be guarding the canang sari, although i did see it dashing out from a home. 

A stray i guess but it did have a purple ribbon tied across its neck. At the point of my visit, there were a few online articles talking about dog meat satay in Bali that was allegedly passed off as chicken or beef. How authentic is the news? I took it with a pinch of salt even though i did remain guarded, just in case.

It's hard to imagine as the dogs were well taken care of and if it has been prevalent for quite some time, i would imagine the canines to be a lot of suspicious of humans, which didn't seem to be the case.

Those terrified of dogs would be pleased to note that i didn't encounter any incident of aggression in my four days there; the dogs pretty much kept to themselves;

Some, apparently, have a rather good life. 

I was expecting a bark from this little fellow; which would be strange as it was a pet dog from one of the commercial entities. Why strange? Would you keep a barking dog in your shop when you need the business? 

Last picture - a dog that looked liked it was being punished by its owner. In the beginning, it was just looking ahead and didn't dare to walk in to the shop. Guess my shutter clicks attracted its attention! 


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