Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The 250 Yen Furano Melon @ Farm Tomita [Hokkaido, Japan]

Every time i walked past the imported melon section at a Japanese supermarket in Singapore, i couldn't help getting shocked by the pricing as it could cost almost S$100 for just one fruit! 

Hence, when i saw the rows of readily-sliced and cut Furano melon in the glass display at Farm Tomita shop; i told myself i should get a slice simply to taste the difference between Japanese melons and non-Japanese ones. In comparison, the latter may cost only S$3 in the little red dot. 

Orangey flesh that glistened under the sunlight; i delicately picked up one piece and popped it into my mouth. 250 yen is converted to more than S$3 (technically one slice of Japanese melon is equivalent to one whole non-Japanese melon) and i chewed slowly to savour the flavour. 

Obviously, i had to scrap clean the flesh off the skin! Okay, verdict would be - it tasted sweet and juicy although honestly speaking, i didn't feel that the cost differential is justifiable for me to grab the Japanese melon! Maybe i should check out the holy grail of Japanese melon next time; the Yubari King. 

Most of us would have just trashed the melon skin into any dustbin but this is Japan! Recycling is part and parcel of their lives and i see one dustbin reserved for melon peel and another one for corn cobs! 

When in Japan, do as the Japanese do.


Within Farm Tomita,

Furano, Hokkaido, 

Furano Melon - 250 yen a slice.

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