Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Noodle Place Restaurant (華苑面粥小廚) @ Orchard Gateway [Singapore]

There are so many dining establishments along Orchard Road that i don't usually give much thought about what to eat, and especially not when i am with my sisters and mom since they have dietary preferences. 

Hence, i didn't raise any objection when my sister suggested checking out this noodle house at Orchard Gateway that's super near the exit of Somerset MRT station. Major regret as i didn't realize a single bowl of shrimp wanton noodle was so pricey! 

Well, it's supposed to serve authentic Hong Kong cuisine which includes their signature roast meat, congee and noodles. Never try, never know and my sister did notice the place being crowded during mealtimes. 

Shrimp Wanton Noodle (鮮蝦雲吞麵) - the noodles had a rubber band texture that was rather appealing although many would likely comment about the strong akaline taste that didn't weaken even after i mixed up everything.

I had the opportunity to try Mak's Noodle at Centrepoint mall before and in comparison, the soup was less flavourful and the shrimp wantons were pretty dry and unappetizing. Basically no wow factor here to make me feel that the S$9 we paid for (which has not included GST and service charge) was worth it. 

Shredded Chili Pork Noodle (京都炸醬麵) - this differed from the Korean style 炸醬麵 that we have been accustomed to and the meat tasted like minced, saucy char siew. To put it in context, same price as my shrimp wanton noodle and i would very much rather had this as my meal. 

Seven Treasures Pork Congee (状元及第粥) - no idea what the seven treasures were but how the hell did the porridge manage to get so thick and with all the grains dissolved?! That's like cooking witchcraft! Mom liked it whereas i prefer my porridge to have able-to-taste grains in it. 

Triple Mixed Roast Meat (烧味三拼) - since Hong Kong is famous for their roast delights, it's a must for us to have some and since we couldn't decide if we should go for roast pork, roast pork or char siew (barbecued pork), we thought having a mixed platter (just like what we did in You Kee) would be the best option! 

Roast duck was the best with a juicy bite that's best dipped in the sour plum sauce. Roast pork was a disappointment; not crispy and can benefit from reduced salt. 

Char siew was decent and i would prefer it to be sweeter. Absolutely no fight against the crystal char siew in You Kee (Malaysia) and Kay Lee (Singapore).


277 Orchard Road,
#01-17, Orchard Gateway, 
Singapore 238858


As above.

Shredded Chili Pork Noodle - S$9.00
Shrimp Wanton Noodle - S$9.00
Seven Treasures Pork Congee - S$8.00
Triple Mixed Roast Meat - S$28.50
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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