Friday, November 24, 2017

Otaru Denuki Koji (小樽出抜小路) - A Unique Building @ Otaru [Hokkaido, Japan] #小樽出抜小路

Among the many old buildings at Otaru, the one that caught my attention was the above structure called Otaru Denuki Koji! I don't think it's a historical building but it did remind me of some iconic Japanese style buildings that had appeared in some of the computer games i used to play.

We arrived at quite a bad timing as many of the about 19 eateries were closed for the day. Don't you just love the lanterns hanging from the ceiling? It transformed the mini walking street into a scene from the epic Japanese anime; Spirited Away!

Koji, if i am not wrong, is Japanese for street / road; hence, the building is named after a road / street. Question is which street / road? I have no idea although the building was in fact made up of small, standalone shophouses with lanes that separated them.

I first noticed the charming structure when i was researching before my trip on good reviewed restaurants. The dining establishment i was pretty keen in was Tempura Wakisaka that's within Otaru Denuki Koji!

Didn't manage to satisfy my craving (given my love for deep fried food) as they were already serving their last customer. For the benefit of those who are curious about the pricing, please refer to the above.

Eventually, we decided to queue outside this restaurant that served sea urchin and fish roes. Sadly, our patience ran thin as the seating capacity was limited and we were concerned that they would sold out by the time we were served. Our dinner that night was fulfilled at the nearby Sushi Zammai instead.

By the way, i read somewhere that you can climb up the tower and access the observation deck! I didn't attempt as i didn't know about it until my return from Hokkaido! :(

Navigation map of Otaru Denuki Koji as above.  Remember the fried chicken i had that afternoon? Wakadori Jidai Naruto had a takeaway counter at Otaru Denuki Koji! You may check out the chicken if you are sick of seafood!


Location Map

As above.


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