Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Beautiful Glass Pens @ Otaru [Hokkaido, Japan]

I am a man with butterfingers and even when i read that Otaru is as famous for its glassware as is the case for its fresh seafood, i am honestly uninterested given my penchant to break things.

However, i was drawn to this poster outside a shop along the popular Sakaimachi Street at the port city; the beautiful glass pens! It's not my first encounter with this unique stationery as they can be found at Bangkok's Chatuchak market too!

Nevertheless, they exuded a certain level of exquisiteness that's both delicate yet dazzling at the same time. You may try to write using the glass pen in the shop and you would be surprised how smooth your handwriting is! p.s. the ease of writing doesn't alter the style of writing; hence, if your handwriting is ugly, it continues to be ugly.

Guide to using the glass pen! In Bangkok, i remember a dip in the ink would allow you to write half a page before the ink runs out and i am unsure if it is the same case for the Otaru glass pens as the fissures on the tip appears different.

The pricing of 4,700 yen for a glass pen, with a glass pen rest and a bottle ink can be relatively eye-popping but it's about the same price as the single glass pen i purchased at Bangkok (in 2010, it cost 1,200 baht)! For cost savings, buy two sets to take advantage of the tax rebate!

It's possible to get the pen alone at 3,500 yen which would be cheaper than the one in Bangkok. Frankly, they made for great gifts, especially with Christmas coming, although i doubt many people write a lot nowadays... oh well, for the novelty.


Along Sakaimachi Street,
Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan
(The shop is on the ground floor of the above building)

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