Monday, November 13, 2017

Otaru Unga Syokudo (小樽運河食堂) - Just a Short Post @ Hokkaido [Japan]

While TripAdvisor offers a good gauge on the top restaurants in a foreign city, i do trawl the web sometimes for blog reviews by Singaporeans / Malaysians before i narrow down my choice as our taste buds might be similar. 

Otaru Unga Syokudo (小樽運河食堂) is one restaurant that appeared on the search result although it's more than just one dining establishment! 

Essentially, it's similar to the concept of having a few eateries in one area and that explained the reason why i got confused over the reviews which were veered from seafood to ramen, buffet to ala carte! 

My objective was clear - to seek the Hokkaido crab buffet that was priced at 5,600 yen per person and i thought there's no better place than Otaru to satisfy my craving as it's renowned nationwide for the freshness of its seafood. 

Sadly, we decided not to patronize it after requesting for permission to check out the premises; there were not many people and the food served didn't appear exceptionally appetizing.... 

None of the eateries appealed to us although we did have a good time going through the souvenir store right in the middle that's bordered by the seven restaurants. 

Aside from food souvenirs, there were stuffed bears where you can use as realistic companions for your photos. Look at those terribly long claws! 

This is more than just a souvenir for display; it does have a use and i bet most of you wouldn't know what it is unless you can recognise the Japanese / Chinese characters. That long tooth-pick like thingy is a ear pick! 

Marimo, the popular balls of algae that don't require much maintenance, actually came from a lake in Hokkaido; didn't manage to visit the lake which was too far North for us to travel to.

But do you know they came in cans too?!


Opposite the Photo Spot of Otaru Canal

Location Map
Check out my google map here.

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