Sunday, April 03, 2011

Undeniably the BEST Char Siew Rice (叉燒飯) in Singapore @ Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint (琪利珠江烧腊)

You know something is wrong when your mind always drifts off to a specific food establishment in the east. And that's despite you patronising the same establishment on at least a weekly basis for the past two months!

That's exactly my general sentiment on Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint (琪利珠江烧腊)!!!

My stomach can never get enough of that perfectly glazed char siew and each mouthful seems to be the last as i slowly savour the goodness and secretly hope that the shop will be around every week i am there.

Granted the fat content is way over the healthy limit and frowned upon by any nutritionist, i could not care more even though my cholesterol level has only recently dropped to the normal band.

My visits have been so frequent; even the loud yet cheerful lady boss was game enough to smile for my camera!

She is actually very chatty (with a Cantonese accent) during the off peak timings (which are normally the time for me to satisfy my char siew fix).

Another picture of the absolutely delicious fatty char siew! The king of all char siew must be lardy and it is the god-damn pre-requisite!

This is what happened to my plate of char siew rice every single time - scrapped clean by my spoon (would love to use my tongue if not for the embarrassment it might unfortunately cause).

Like Kon, this chilli is now the must thing to go with the portion of plain white rice that has not been touched by the dark, honeyed sauce.

And now, there's also the perfect drink (left one) to go with the meal - a glass of fragrant Luo Han Guo (罗汉果) drink that is mild tasting and so thirst quenching!


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