Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pizzeria Mozza (The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands) - Desserts (Dolci)

It's no secret that i especially love desserts and make it a point to order at least one serving (even it is shared with a few persons) in any new restaurant i patronise.

Therefore, let me present to you the Gang of Four's choice of desserts at Pizzeria Mozza. Dolci, by the way, means sweets in Italian.

Banana Gelato Pie
Chocolatey fudge flowing down the slice of banana ice cream (or gelato or whatever you call it) pie with sprinklings of hazelnuts looked really enticing. The banana taste was actually quite authentic but I will still go for the real thing; bunches of creamy bananas!

At S$17.00 a slice, the comparatively cheaper banana fritter is my choice any time. Seriously, any bloody time!!!

Caramel Copetta
Despite the lacking service (and the pricey tag), this is one dessert i will likely come back for.

The use of whole salted peanuts was unseen of in western desserts and a perfect supporting actor (or actress for those who accuse me of being sexist) to the rest of the ingredients!

Thin waffle, sweet caramel sauce, ice-cold gelato, crunchy savoury peanuts and sticky marshmallow sauce; a highly recommended combination for all dessert lovers for that desirable outburst of flavours!


Banana Gelato Pie - S$17.00
Caramel Copetta - S$15.00

Subject to GST and Service Charge

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