Sunday, May 01, 2011

Kavy Hotel Boutique Review @ Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

Fine fine fine, i am breaking my promise! However, this should be posted as a warning for every visitor - especially first-timers or infrequent visitors to Cameron Highlands!

Rewind to two years back when i walked past this boutique hotel after lunch at Oldies and Goodies. What caught my attention was the album right outside the reception that showcased nicely decorated rooms that exuded a relaxed and comfortable setting!

I made a mental note to stay at this thematic hotel for my next trip to Cameron Highlands.

Bad move that is going to keep me away from direct accommodation booking for a long while! Reading reviews on hotel portals like are really helpful at times.

So what did the Teo family experience to command such a harsh statement?

Only stairs are available!

The pampered Singaporean is able to withstand some walking if not for the elongated shape of the hotel that resulted in a maze like layout. Such energy should be reserved for hiking 'outside', not inside!

Room given was disappointingly cramped for three persons! The above picture was taken from the door and i paid RM180 (roughly S$75) a night! For that price, i could have a clean, comfy room in Rossa Passadena with free breakfast thrown in!

Dispensing only icy water, the shower is an important facility for my mom and i since we bath every day and sometimes, up to three times a day! Since it's faulty we managed to secure a better room on a lower level.

Hm... it's bigger... and that's the one and only "better" aspect for this room. The rough blanket was terribly thin for such cool highland weather and i insisted on paying RM10 for an additional blanket despite mommy's objections.

For a place that doesn't offer much night activities (not when the elders are with me), television is important. Make it very important! I can bear with a small tv but poor reception with flickering images is too irritating!!! Add in extremely challenging as well for my parents' not so good eyes!

You lose some, you gain some. Due to the poor state of the tele-signal, we managed to clock in eight hours of sleep every night at Cameron Highlands!

You know what's the next best thing? The door knob detached itself whenever i opened the door!!! WTF!!! I may not be a frequent traveller but why should i pay such an unworthy price for plain torture and frustration?

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