Saturday, May 07, 2011

Your Vote is Secret (Singapore General Election 2011)

From young, well before i can even vote, i was informed that voting in Singapore is not a secret and the gahmen knows exactly which political party you have chosen.

Reason? The serial number on your polling card which can be traced directly to your name and your home address.

Just a few moments ago, i casted my vote in the designated polling station for my area; Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School and this time round, i dedicated more attention on the voting process!

My conclusion?
Your vote is secret!

The serial number is necessary to prevent any fraud and is a common practice in many countries for integrity and accountability.

The polling officer will verify your serial number on his/her list with your name and IC number, cross it out and then pass you your ballot paper.

Before you exclaim and protest, yes, i know that this paper also has a serial number but it came from a booklet that has the numbers in running sequence.

The officer doesn't mark this serial number besides your name on his register (at least i didn't see any on the officer's list - *post entry update* apparently i am wrong here. Read the comments by Mr Philip Chng) and is essential for a correct tally of the number of votes with the number of voters!

Therefore, do exercise your basic right as a citizen and cast your vote to the political party that best represents your interest in your constituency and the country!

After all, Singapore is home; our home.


  1. Philip Chng7:08 PM

    Didn't you notice the officer writing down your card number (from card with your name), to the untorn portion of the polling card booklet?

  2. Philip Chng7:17 PM

    The sequence goes like this:
    1. weeks before the polling day, you are issued a long sheet invitation card (with a serial number and your personal particular and place to vote).

    2. During the polling day you are to bring along your identity card and the invitation card to the polling designated polling station.

    3. at the polling station, you are directed to the polling queue according to your invitation card number e.g. A3

    4. at the table A3, the attendant check your invitation/IC with their list.

    5. They issue you with the actual polling card, note that it was torn from what look like a cheque book with two portions both printed with the same serial number.

    6. *** The attendant then use a pen to write the invitation card serial number onto the untorn portion of the untorn portion of the polling card booklet.

    7. You walk to the corner to mark your vote.

    8. You walk to the polling box and cast your polling card.

  3. woah! such attentivenesss! apparently i dun possess that. =_=

    Haha, but thanks for commenting. Bet it will be very informative for many of us.

    The end question is ; do you believe voting is secret then?


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