Monday, May 23, 2011

Skinny Thin Rubee

I have just returned from an appointment with my dog's vet; Dr Kasey Tan of Mount Pleasant Springside.

Basically, my fifteen year old (plus minus) shihtzu is in a really bad shape. Weight loss of over 4 kilograms over six months and a 0.5 kilogram reduction over a few weeks are dangerous signs for a canine that only weighs 4.8kg now.

It is frightening to see him in his current state - especially in his weekly bath.

Skin and bones are the best words to describe his physical state. His aversion to food and water plus a nutrient-hungry tumour have taken a heavy toll on a weak body ravaged by ageing, Cushing disease and a few bouts of serious illness.

His used-be-thick and flurry fur coat is now dropping out in clumps and sticking to my mattress which i have personally reserved a spot just in case he needs some warm comfort at night.

The end is coming and i feel really helpless. The least i can do is to ensure Rubee can still maintain a certain level of quality of life and eventually to decide on cruelly terminating it when he turns for the worse.

A decision i am not willing to make....
No, i am not prepared to even make it.

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