Monday, May 16, 2011

Ghosts @ Marina Bay Sands?

Hotels, big and small, are rumoured to have at least one ghost story. It could be a result of a death within the hotel, a horror incident that happened before the hotel's construction or brought in by visitors.

Marina Bay Sands is one of the latest luxury hotels in Singapore; and one of the only two integrated resorts that offers a casino.

As the Chinese believes, it was said that gui-kia (or child spirits aka 鬼仔) have to be kept in such gambling dens in order to suck up as much money as possible from the gamblers.

I bumped into two such apparitions recently! Right along the beautiful waterfront promenade. Are you ready for the pictures..........?

Please click the "Food" under Categories if you know you will be spooked upon seeing these pictures...

==5 seconds==
==4 seconds==
==3 seconds==
==2 seconds==
==1 second==

==0.8 second==
==0.5 second==
==0.3 second==
==0.1 second==

These two "things" are not small and regretfully do not deserve the "child" tag. Maybe (just maybe), they were just roaming spirits in search of love and comfort food.

To make my case, don't you all agree that this charbo one looked malnourished?!.

*it's evident by now that i am seriously joking in this nonsensical post! i have yet to catch sight of any ghostly apparitions in MBS.*


  1. Anonymous12:33 AM

    The malnourished female apparition has been sufficiently nourished now since she came back from a foreign land and indulged in lotsa sinful food. She is now looking like a premium black pork from japan.

  2. hahaha, let's save some money and slaughter her for food!

  3. It's very true,you will be tagged by this GUI Kia .Every time I gamble there,I always loose.Even if I win big,something won't let me leave until Iloose all the money,including withdrawing more money fm the ATM until Ileave without any money.
    So be carefull when visiting both the Casinos.
    You will loose everything .Becarefull of this paranormal activity.
    Many will say its becos of greed,but it's not.
    BEWARE OF THE CHILD SPIRITS and save you hard earned money.

  4. thank god i am no casino goer!

    Have you used the unorthodox methods like throwing sweets, wearing a specific colour of underwear etc?


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