Thursday, May 05, 2011

Goreng Pisang (炸香蕉) @ Lim Kee Banana Fritters - Maxwell Hawker Centre

I love bananas despite its sexual association for those dirty minded individuals! But i have an excuse - i was born in the zodiac year of the most mischievous mammal on earth; the Monkey!

Now, bananas exist in various shapes and sizes and can be cooked in many different styles. My preference is either natural or deep fried in a pot of sizzling oil. Of course, Chinese-style fried bananas are the best!

My favourite goreng pisang stall used to come from a narrow building next to Singapore Power in Somerset. However, it disappeared suddenly and i thought it will be lost forever just like many of Singapore's famous hawkers who could not find anyone to inherit their marvelous culinary skills.

My worry was unwarranted as i found the same stall (Lim Kee-林记) again while walking around Maxwell Food Centre to source for food for the Gang of Four's feast!

And how could i resist not buying anything for a nostalgic recollection?

It felt plump and solid in my hand with a crispy crunch that delivered speckles of sand-like crusts. Surprisingly, it didn't leave an oily stain on my palm like most fried-banana stalls!

The inside was a stark contrast to its outlook; so ripe to the point of being so soft. It was at a richness that far exceeded what i had at Boon in Long House.

With so much good and delicious food in Maxwell, i guess i have to put aside my dieting plan and make it the "binge" place whenever my brain has enough of soupy products.


Stall #01-61,
Maxwell Food Centre

S$1.20 per piece of Pisang Rajah.

Additional Information
Only one type of bananas is available (there's no need to wait, consider and ponder which type you should buy). Lim Kee sells other fried snacks like fried cempedak, tapioca cake, yam and green bean etc.

Please note that they run out very fast!

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