Saturday, May 07, 2011

Pizzeria Mozza (The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands) - The Best Pizza in Singapore?

"Pizzeria Mozza has the best pizza in Singapore!"
That's what many people have been telling me.

The gang of four's last visit to Marina Bay Sands (MBS) was to DB Bistro and Mr Kon had kindly foot the bill then. Now, it's our turn to return the favour (under the pretence of birthday celebration as Mr Kon has always been very insistent to reject our offers)!

Never been one to adhere to the prim and proper decorum for fine dining, i was stumped when handed the menu. With the exception of pizza and dessert, all the other subject titles are "foreign" to me.

So paiseh (embarrassing)!!
Anyway, let's start on food first!

Squash Blossoms
This was not on the menu and came strongly recommended by the waiter. They are not lady fingers and according to here, they are highly perishable and not commonly found in supermarkets.

As promised, each squash blossom was fried to a crisp and filled with a generous amount cheese to satisfy any cheese lover. Nice and duper sinful!

Funghi Pizza
Let's talk about the crust first. Handmade and wood fired; it was fluffy light although i found it to be slightly chewy and difficult to swallow. Maybe i am too accustomed to fast food pizzas.

As a lover of mushrooms, i am afraid i didn't enjoy this - too strong a taste and too salty a flavour would be my verdict. Should not be caught with any surprise as taleggio and fontina (both are a variety of cheese) were used.

Well, unfortunately, i don't know Italian and i am not a great lover of cheese. So how the heck am i supposed to know it's layered with so many kinds of cheese that i don't even know how to differentiate!

Goat Cheese Pizza
This was much better! Once the plate was placed on our table, the fragrance of leek hit us straight away and in fact, i got a bit hungrier despite having some food earlier.

Goat cheese might be a bit too smelly for some of you but for someone who loves smelly tofu; this was definitely acceptable and proven to be very appetising! Especially love the combined taste of healthy yet pungent strings of leek and salty cured bacon.

Meat Lover Pizza
Just when we had a slightly better opinion of Pizzeria Mozza, this was served.

Visually, it was just not as presentable as the others. However, as i have always said, taste matters most in food. Even if it looks like a pile of shit, it could still taste bloody delicious!

I was wrong.

The pizza was comparable to a pepperoni pizza but the meat flavour was well over my limit (even Kon agreed)! The use of Italian cured meats (salumi, fennel sausage) and bacon (pancetta) should be welcome for any pizza tagged as "meat lover".

I guess Italy should not be on my travel list.
I will likely starve there.


10, Bayfront Avenue,
Marina Bay Sands, #B1-42-46

Squash Blossoms - S$16
Funghi Pizza - S$28
Goat Cheese Pizza - S$27
Meat Lover Pizza - S$37

Subject to GST and Service Charge

Additional Information
Always make a reservation! If possible, try to do it one week in advance. For reservation, please call 6688-8522.

The cutlery was cutely placed in an envelope!

You may keep the envelope and the postcard. Leave the knife and fork in the restaurant before anyone accuses you of shoplifting!

Service didn't meet the gang of four's expectation with the exception of one person (the guy who recommended squash blossoms). The service was heavily penalised because one of the service staff rolled his eyes at our question.

Hallo, not everyone can read Italian.
Get that right when you are in the service line!


  1. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Very fair and proper comments about Pizzeria Mozza. Service was lacking considerably as compared to DB Bistro. Seetoh of Makansutra fame said that it is damn fantastic??? Think he left his tastebuds at home when he went.

  2. wahaha. every one has different tastes and expectations.

    Point is, never trust 100% what other reviewers are saying - try it for yourself! :P


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