Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Buckaroo BBQ & Grill - [Roast Leg of Spring Lamb (and Fish 'N' Chips)]

It was supposed to be the BIG day for me to finally partake on this "Mary Had a Little Lamb" dish from Buckaroo.

That small bite i had a few weeks back remains unforgettable and i know how much i would have enjoyed it if i have the whole plate to no one (yes, no one) but myself!

Alas..... It was mother's day and in place was a special menu that has most of the usual items. Except for my little mary. F**k!!! I am craving for it for so long and i even purposely reached earlier to beat the dinner crowd!!

My mind switched to the "blank" mode for a few seconds while the waiter tried his best to suggest alternatives to beat the disappointment on my face! "Sir, we have another lamb dish called Roast Leg of Spring Lamb. Why don't you try it?"

The ravenous stomach was sending urgent signals to my brain to stay put and before i knew it, i muttered okay. Damn, another example of the mouth that is faster than the brain! Thankfully i don't do that very often with vulgarities.

Roast Leg of Spring Lamb
What caught me by surprise was the amount of meat on this plate!

Slabs of meat on top of one another that numbered at least four, this will be better off shared with a few persons. Alex, unfortunately, is not a big fan of lamb and it will be up to me to finish up everything.

Taste wise, i was blown away by the rosemary and prunes stuffing, in a negative way. The prunes' sweetness more or less covered everything and resulted was a weird flavour that was incompatible to the lamb's gamey taste.

The hungry stomach could not care less and managed to devour most of them! 

What's noteworthy was that i have a deeper impression for the baked chessy potato cup! For someone who generally dislikes potatoes (except for French fries), this was seriously sinful comfort food.

Fish 'N' Chips
I was pondering if i need to touch on this since i did mention its existence in an old post.

Heck with it! Tastes could change over time and it's not a bad thing to re-assess a dish every now and then. Even elections are held every five years for us to review the ruling party's performance for the country and its citizens.

A thick chunk of fried fish that gave a delightful cackle as the knife cut through it. Within the batter was layers of fish meat with full moisture locked in that did not disappoint!


12B, Andrews Avenue

Roast Leg of Spring Lamb - S$30.00
Fish 'N' Chips - S$19.50

Subject to GST. No Service Charge but there's a 10% surcharge on special occasions (Mother's Day, Valentine's Day), public holidays and even on public holidays.

Additional Information.
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