Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ootoya (大戸屋) Japanese Restaurant @ Clementi Mall

I was so excited to find Ootoya under "restaurants" while running through the shop directory in Singapore's latest shopping centre; Clementi Mall!

For those who thought Ootoya is just a normal restaurant jumping onto the bandwagon of the highly lucrative niche in Japanese cuisine, you are so wrong. 

It has its origins back in Japan and prides on serving authentic Japanese home cooked fare to the general public since 1958!

Granted i am not Japanese, have never been to the land of the rising sun and thus is unable to attest the level of authenticity. But i know i am not that far from the truth when the two groups waiting right before me are Japanese.

My recent affection for Korean food (no thanks to Family Outing) means the order of this stir fried pork loin with kimchi was inevitable. Salad was chosen purely because i need to cut down on my carbohydrates intake at night~!

Kindly note the present tense i used.

Same as what i ordered except this was rice based. As an Asian, rice is a main staple for our meals and i was trying hard to curb this craving! Yes, i do have craving for plain, white, beady rice!!

The pork loin with tangy-hot Korean kimchi made a good couple! The exceptionally tender pork loins were still full of juicy moisture even though i used quite a few minutes to take pictures (and forcefully disallow anyone from touching their food)! 

As impressive as i remember! Check out my first Ootoya posting on

Banana Parfait
Knowing Cavin, he could not withstand the temptation of desserts!

Sadly, the service staff misheard our order and brought us this banana parfait. The initially few bites were actually not so bad until i reached to the lower half of the cup; coffee...

Have i ever mentioned that there are few things in life that should only be taken in its natural form? Like durians for example. Coffee is another such thing. =_=


3155, Clementi Ave West,
#03-53, The Clementi Mall

(Across Clementi MRT Station)

Butakimuchi - S$11.50
Kimuchidon (Set) - S$16.00
Sumitoridon (Set) - S$14.00
Banana Parfait - S$8.00

Subject to GST and Service Charge

Additional Information
For a few more dollars, you can upgrade your meal to a set which typically includes miso soup, an appetiser and maybe a small bowl of salad.

My first post on Ootoya can be found HERE.


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