Saturday, May 14, 2011

Haji Lane (Day Time) – A Pictorial Walk Down Memory Lane

Two rows of quaint little shops facing one another with only a narrow lane separating them is a scene that is fast disappearing in urban Singapore – for one, the bloody heat is usually enough to deter 75 percent of the population to stick to the air conditioned havens; the malls.

Having said that, Haji Lane has gained popularity due to the mushrooming of independent retailers that took the effort to create a unique identity with a mish mash of designs and vibrant colours.

Here are the pictures from a short (albeit sweaty) walk I had a few weeks ago along the 200 meters long Haji Lane.

A tattoo parlour right beside an ice cream shop. Hm... Guess a fast dose of sugar+milk can significant reduce pain caused by the ink needles. The best thing? It sells beer float!

An ox figurehead (fake one of course) that adorned the entrance of this Mexican restaurant and bar.
This French bistro stands out from an area that is more famous for Middle Eastern food. There is another Swedish restaurant nearby (at Arab street) i would love to try out in the future!
Cute little displays with a hint of child-like happiness made this walk slightly more bearable. * Cavin continues to rant on the bloody hot and humid weather in Singapore*

Old timed shops with their metal grilles all locked up continue their legacy in another form; their usually bold, brightly coloured name on the support pillar.

Blog shop should exist only in the virtual world of blogs but not for this shop! I remember reading on its launch a few months back and it sells quite a variety of stuff not found anywhere else.

Vandalism on public property in highly disciplined Singapore?! A failed piece of artwork. If you notice, there are quite a few stickers that have the words "Who Likes George". Not a reference to defeated PAP minister George Yeo obviously. Guess everyone knows which George they are referring to.

People watchers wasting their valuable time! Actually, i might do the same if i am filthy rich... Sighz... when can i win the million-dollar lottery?
Modern sports car that created an era mismatch to this century old passageway.

Unlike many shop houses, quite a few companies in Haji Lane utilise the second floor for retail activities. The target group is obviously the young professionals and hippies. To quote an example, my mom hates stairs!

To seduce attract customers, efforts were spent to decorate the normally dark, eerie staircase to make it more inviting. Guys with girlfriends should refrain from bringing their partners to this area! The shopping vibe can be so infectious in this area!

A wooden bench that was given a makeover. Things are improving for critics who have always complained that Singapore is too planned, too orderly, too homogenous. As i have always replied to such critical reviews, try the housing estates where more than 80% of the population lives.
Anyone knows the significance of those dead leaves above the door frame? Doubt they were there because of some artistic origins.

Awwww, this is so pretty (the Cavina's persona is in play here)!

Read the words! Too small? Click the picture please!

Going Om - a place where you can get some peaceful Zen? Hm.... looked more like a hippie congregation centre to me. You know, love and stuff like that.

Colours signify vibrancy and it's now getting common to see decades and even centuries old shophouses given a new lease of life via a new paint job that deviates from normal dull colours!


The lane becomes livelier at night! I shall pay it another visit after i have repaired the flash on my DSLR! Bloody flash doesn't go off for unknown reason! Hm.... Maybe i should get a new one; D7000!

Location (Map)
Nearest MRT Station: Bugis

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