Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Far Far Away Zone @ Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

With the Shrek series being my most favourite animated movies, I was really anticipating my visit to the land of far far away back in March.

Key attraction was definitely the 40-meter tall far far away castle; the first of its kind in the world! Deep in my heart though, I would love to see with my own eyes the Disney castles! Castles of those classic fairy tales remain etched in my 31 year old memory.

A real water moat surrounds half the castle. It's missing something.... Oh, a crocodile!! Will incur too high maintenance? Get some piranhas then!

I always have the naive impression that access is granted for the castles' vantage point (towers etc) of all theme parks. You know; the feeling of seeing the buzz of your 'country'; just like what the king will do every morning.

Of course i am wrong! At least for far far away castle in Singapore. :(

The most i can do, as a visitor, was to enter this castle to catch Shrek 4-D Adventure!

Contrary to the bright and sunny weather outside, the interior felt pretty dark and gloomy. Walls were generally sparse with only a few paintings of King Harold and/or Queen Lillian. Well, at least it's air-conditioned!

Waiting to go into the theatre to catch the 4-D show. Mom enjoyed it tremendously; especially the part on jumping spiders! Hahaha, she was screaming with disgust lor.

Baby ogres on cups shaped like an ogre's head. My favourite juveniles are unfortunately the dronkeys! These hybrid offerings of Donkey and Dragon are too adorable!

Fairy Godmother Potion's Shop is a souvenir shop, a juice shop and it includes a kid's ride. I was expecting some really weird liquid concoctions that used lizard's eggs, dog's fur, bat's droppings etc. Count your blessings as none of them existed in the outlet.

This is the Magic Potion Ride for kids!!! Shouldn't Ferris wheel of this size be banished to those temporary fun fairs? Even the Cadbury Wheel at Downtown East is bigger! Like WAAAAAAY bigger.

The opening scene for the first instalment of the animated film was at Shrek's swamp house. A real life replica was built in USS and it's a total waste of space. Taking up a considerably big space and no entry to see Shrek's messy bachelor pad, it's of no surprise that people practically walked pass this white elephant.

Anyone knows who is this? Did he appear in Shrek?

Big ass crown in front of the castle! Loads of people were seen taking pictures with the castle and crown as the background. Managed to take this picture when the glaring sun was right in the middle of the sky!

Goldilocks restaurant that was packed with diners at 1pm! There are so many F&B outlets in USS and it's impossible to try all of them in the recent future. Unless (and that's a big unless) i purchase the annual pass!! *cross fingers*

Entry point to Far Far Away from Madgascar zone! Don't think there's any access to the castle's walls as well. Sad..

Touted as a junior roller coaster, the Enchanted Airways was actually quite thrilling. Please do not compare this with Battlestar Galactica; the G-Force from Cyclon and Human was just too scary!

Puss in Boots!!! I was hoping to take pictures with it but sadly, like all costume characters in theme parks, they disappear very fast. =_=

Newspaper vending machine that is purely for decorative purpose!

Time was limited (sister was getting sick due to all the heat) and it was with great regret that I was unable to explore the park further and take in the small little details of many items.

To beat the heat, we escaped to queue up at the Donkey Live show (it's indoor and it's air-conditioned)!

Thinking it will be a stupid, children show, i was amazed by the interactive bantering between the donkey (on the huge screen) and the audience! How did the donkey manage to immediately answer the questions posed by the audience? Definitely not a set up as one of the participants is a family member of a fellow colleague!

Okay, another picture of the far far away castle! It's so difficult to get a "full view"!

Guess this one taken from New York Zone shows a fuller picture.


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  1. Anonymous7:50 PM

    The Friar Fat Boy appears in Shrek 2.

    1. He did!!?!? Time to re-watch the series again! Thanks!

    2. I believe he appears as a statue during the scene in which the Fairy Godmother is in her flying vehicle with the King and Prince Charming. The Godilocks news display is also in Shrek 2, when Shrek, Fiona and Donkey first arrive in Far Far Away. You have to keep a lookout for that one though!

    3. It's obvious i am not as observant as you!! Hahahaha. You must be a huge Shrek fan!


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