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Nummun Thai Kitchen @ Chong Pang City in Yishun [Singapore]

Although I live pretty near to Chong Pang City, it was through social media that I found out that an eatery serving Thai cuisine had already started operations for quite a few months! 

I actually cycled past quite often and remember it was a massage parlor before the transformation to a new F&B dining establishment by the name of Nummun Thai Kitchen. 

Now, Yishun has quite a number of Thai restaurants (PrachinBuri Thai Kitchen was reviewed earlier this year); so let's see what this new kid on the block has to offer. Interior design was authentic though, given the use of metal tables! p.s and they provided a pack of tissues on every table! 

Our orders - for six or seven persons. I can't remember if my younger sister join us. The one I was most looking forward to having was crab meat omelette as that was like the main star on social media postings, and I love crabs! 

Waiting for our food. I noted that Nummun Thai Kitchen was popular and hence, we purposely timed our visit to just before 5.45pm, well ahead of dinner peak. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait long for the food. 

Iced Lemongrass - I know this was very easy to make but when you have just walked in from the hot, sunny weather outside; this was just too appealing! Thirst quenching and strongly infused with lemongrass, this didn't disappoint. My eyes did pop a bit when I noted it cost S$4.00.

Grilled Pork Neck - chef recommended, the meat was tender yet chewy. Noticed that saucer of dipping sauce? Do dip the meat in it before you put it into your mouth. Without that dip, the meat was a tad bland. 

Thai Prawn Cake - freshly fried and scalding hot, do eat this with care and patience, especially if you are a big prawn fan like I am! 

Generous filling encased within a crusty shell, this was pretty good but strangely, it tasted more like the squid from sotong balls, rather than prawns. Nevertheless, still better than the prawn cakes from PrachinBuri Thai Kitchen.

Mango Salad - for my elder sister who is more disciplined than me in avoiding starch. This was salty, sour and spicy; a combination that's not my cup of tea. And why were there fried anchovies?! 

Steamed Sea Bass with Chilli and Lime - with my parents, we will make it a point to order fish in a Thai eatery. Why Thai eateries? Because the fish usually doesn't cost you a hand and leg as they usually only serve seabass.  

Meat was alright; I took issue with the spiciness of the broth which was too spicy for my liking. That's my problem as it did have the word "chilli" on the name of the dish and I bet some chilli lovers would adore this. My mom loved it. 

Pad Thai
- with noodles that glistened with the dark sauce, I was thinking if it would become one of my favorite pad thai in Singapore as visual wise; it had captivated my heart. 

Two bites later and I am falling back to the old adage "looks can be deceiving". While the noodles were blessed with a strong douse of wok hei; it was salty which my mom attributed to too much fish sauce. 

Pineapple Fried Rice - if you ask me what's the first Thai dish I had in my life, my answer would be pineapple fried rice. I remember having it in this very popular eatery on the basement of the old Sembawang Shopping Centre in the 80s. 

Back then, the fried rice was served in a pineapple with its meat scooped out. Nowadays, I think it became too troublesome and only a handful of Thai eateries would do that nowadays. 

Coming back, I actually liked this as there was an additional zestiness to the fried rice and to me, it's essential to have the bites and the contrasting flavors coming from the cashew nuts, the raisins and the cubes of pineapple! 

Crab Meat Omelette - I admit this was the key reason why I decided to "jio" my family to dine at Nummun Thai Kitchen. Like prawns, my taste buds had a great adoration for crabs and it's good to know we have this in Singapore, even though I do travel to Thailand about twice a year.  

Oily yet so delicious; the egg was fluffy on the insides and when you tear it apart; the beautiful sight of crab meat greeted us! Unlike some places, I was glad that the crab meat wasn't tasteless and featured all the tasty goodness of the bottom dwelling crustacean. 

Steelpot Vermicelli Pot - main reason why I kept this to the last was that it surprised me the most! A common dish on Thai menus; I think this was the first time I am ordering this and after this, I am likely going to order this whenever I see it on the menus of other Thai restaurants. 

Blessed with an interesting herbal flavor (likely from the Chinese cloves), the main star was the vermicelli which was surprisingly moist and so utterly appetizing! I literally abandoned my discipline for carbo-restricted diet as I happily ingested the vermicelli, and was in fact, gunning for more!  


My family had a satisfying meal at Nummun Thai Kitchen and would definitely be back in the near future, since it's so near to where we stay! The visits would have to be for special occasions though as prices were considered high for suburban neighborhoods. I can only pray it would last long in this area. 

Block 103, #01-85, Yishun Ring Rd, 
Chong Pang City, Singapore 760103

As above.

Operating Hours
11.30 am to 3.00 pm
5.30 pm to 10.00 pm
(Closed on Mondays)

As above.

Iced Lemongrass - S$4.00
Grilled Pork Neck - S$10.00
Thai Prawn Cake - S$12.00
Mango Salad - S$10.00
Steamed Sea Bass with Chilli and Lime - S$26.00
Pad Thai - S$9.00
Pineapple Fried Rice - S$9.00
Crab Meat Omelette - S$28.00
Steelpot Vermicelli Pot - S$16.00
(Subject to Service Charge and GST)

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