Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Pang's Satay @ Chinatown Complex Food Centre [Singapore] #chinatowncomplexhawkercentre

It's been a while since we last had Shi Xiang Satay from Chinatown Complex Food Centre (also known as Smith Street Hawker Centre) but it was closed when we arrived. Alternatives had to be found given our cravings, and we found Pang's Satay! 

Located in the same hawker centre but at a way more noticeable passage, Pang's Satay also commanded a higher review rating on Google when compared to Shi Xiang Satay. A lot of anticipation as we were delighted with what we had at Shi Xiang Satay.
Cutting to the chase; five sticks of pork belly satay, five sticks of chicken satay and five sticks of pork satay for the sake of comparison. I am basically trying all the meat Pang's Satay can offer. 

Photos showing the pork belly satay, chicken satay and pork satay. I must say taste wise, they were nice as the marination was deliciously sweet. I took issue with the dry texture of the meat though. The pork belly, in particular, appeared flattened, with a supposedly wider, bigger appearance. The flattening contributed to meat that simply wasn't juicy and thick enough; latter of which contributed to a reduced satisfaction.

Gravy was also too fluid; high viscosity would make it easier for each stick of satay to have more gravy on the meat. It's a pity as I noticed pineapple being added to the gravy, which would have given it a zesty aftertaste. 

To be fair, great expectations came greater disappointment. The satay wasn't bad; I would have placed them as above average, albeit not exceptional. Maybe it was a one-off occurrence but should craving strike again, I would go for Shi Xiang Satay if it is open. 


335 Smith St, #02-213,
Chinatown Complex, Singapore 050335

As above.

As above.

Pork Belly Satay - S$6.00 for five sticks
Chicken Satay - S$3.50 for five sticks
Pork Satay - S$3.50 for five sticks

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