Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay - 2-Course Weekday Set Lunch @ Marina Bay Sands [Singapore]

Like most foodies, I know who Gordon Ramsay is although I have never watched the profanity-laden reality shows he is reportedly infamous for. Whatever the case, this didn't stop me to check out his Bread Street Kitchen that's located at Marina Bay Sands

Reason being I wanted to try some place near as I was at Marina Bay Sands for a staycation, and Alex had a reward card that would result in a 20% rebate. Since I was craving for western food and had already checked out Yardbird Southern Table and BarBread Street Kitchen would be a suitable choice. 

Old, classic interior design in the restaurant; this was on the second floor of the two-floor restaurant, which was opened for diners. There are pros and cons to be on this level; it gave you a great view alongside the marina promenade, with the Singapore's business district skyline right in front of you. 

Problem came shortly as the sun made its way to the west; the bright sun rays had likely made my left arm a shade darker after the meal, and the greenhouse effect made the environment a bit too warm for my liking. Greatly appreciate the friendly staff for passing us a bottle of iced water (refillable), at no additional charge! 

A basket of artisanal bread was placed on our table shortly even though I had ordered only set lunch for myself; Alex was too full due to an in-room breakfast ordered a few hours before. I checked the receipt later and it was complimentary! Well, it was called Bread Street for a reason, I guess.

Bread was warm but the texture, as a whole, was too hard as I prefer softer, fluffier insides, like the one from Table65!  My bet is that such bread would likely appeal better to my mom, who is more a bread lover than me. 

Iberico Pork Chop
- there were choices for pork chop, seared fish bream and pasta for set lunch and it's obvious I would go with the first one! It might just be one chop but trust me, it was sufficient after all the bread.

Another mouthwatering picture; that white stuff behind the chop was mashed potato. Smooth with curves, I begged Alex to take a bite to give his "professional" review since I don't enjoy mashed potato. His response? A one worded "normal". 

Despite being a relatively thick cut, the meat was juicy and pan fried at an optimal duration with a thin layer of crisp that brought out much flavor of the pork, peppered with occasional bursts of utter delectable fats!  

Don't discount the sauce; the charred jalapeno sauce was interestingly nice and went well with the chop. I was totally enjoying every bite and if not for the setting, I would have picked up the chop and relish the meat off the bone! 

Bailey's Custard - served cold, I was thinking this would likely be similar to panna cotta but shall be the better choice compared to trifle with tiramisu cream and boring soft serve ice cream. 

Didn't regret as it was amazing! Coupled with the light aroma that's unmistakably baileys, yet without the alcohol, was the dense, thick and delicious custard cream! Perfect combination when each bite was ingested with the chocolate crumbs!  


10 Bayfront Avenue, L1-81, 
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018956


As above. Do check out the website here for other menus ranging from dairy free, kids, weekend, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, Sunday roast to beverage. 

2-Course Set Lunch - S$39.00
(Subject to Service Charge and GST)


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    1. ya! Alex doesn't want to eat as he had in-room breakfast earlier!

  2. Hi Cavin, no mention on the starter? Enjoy your reviews

    1. Mine was two-course set; so it's either starter-main, main-dessert or starter-dessert. Compared to starter, I am more keen with dessert. haha