Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Lunar New Year Celebrations in 2019 (First Day and Last Sunday) - Year of the Pig!

This lunar new year has been extremely busy for me and i thought it would be nice for me to share some photographs; specifically the first day of the pig year and last Sunday (which was the 13th day).

First day - where both my elder sister's family and i headed towards my parents' place to pass them our spring greetings! I was terribly late and we only managed to visit our relatives at an incredibly delayed 2pm! 

Last weekend was exceptionally busy as i hosted a get-together with my former classmates from Singapore Polytechnic on Friday, a steamboat session with some friends on Saturday and a family gathering on Sunday!

Photographs were taken on Sunday as i am facing problems with transferring the photos from my iPhone! Anyway, i was utterly stuffed from the festivities over the weekend! So much to eat! 

Aside from the steamboat on Sunday; there was cooked food too! Like the mini buddha jumped over the wall and padthai from my mom (made using the ready to cook set from Thipsamai).

My elder sister prepared almond jelly, rojak and red bean soup whereas i, as the host, made guava with preserved orange peel, osmanthus jelly with red dates and chinese wolfberries and cinnamon rolls. With just nine adults and two kids, that's a ton of food! 

Thankfully, the family gathering started from lunch and continued till dinner with a second session of steamboat! After almost three years of living on my own, i finally relented on allowing steamboat and it wasn't as bad as i thought; broth used was the pack of pork bone soup from Swanson and the prepacked tomato soup from Haidilao. 

After not gambling in the last two lunar new years; i did dabble in a few sessions! No thanks to the influencers; first one was Lawrence, my former poly mate and second one was my sister's mother-in-law! 

Luck was not too bad as i managed to win more about S$30 in total. The winner last Friday won over S$60 whereas the winner last Sunday for the family gathering was Alex who had a winning of more than S$50; mainly taken from my mother and my sister's mother-in-law! 

In the meantime, the kids were happy to stay in my room where they entertained themselves with the toys i had; from bad dog to penguin and pirate roulette etc! It's fun and despite having to work the following day; my weekend to celebrate the tail end of lunar new year had been most fruitful.

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