Sunday, February 10, 2019

Itacho Sushi - Chef Recommended Roasted Salmon Skin and Aburi Seafood Don @ City Square Mall [Singapore]

It's been a long while since i last patronized Itacho Sushi and i could still vividly remember the flying fish sashimi i had in its outlet at JCube about five years ago.

This time round, we decided it's best to stick with the basic chef recommendations which grant discounts up to 50% off for some of the items; i went with the cheapest two as i recalled the taste was more than worth the price!

Aburi Seafood Don - i couldn't resist not ordering this as it's tagged with a popular tag and priced at only S$12.80 from the original pricing of S$18. How would it fare compared to my favourite at Waa Cow?  First impression; it looked exactly like the picture from the menu with salmon roes, unagi, flamed salmon, scallop, tamagoyaki, scallop and red shrimp!

Taste wise, both Alex and i really enjoyed it even though the asshole treats raw and semi raw food with great disdain. The freshness of the seafood was acceptable and we loved the sweet Japanese sauce with the rice that's buried underneath. However, given the options, my vote would still go with Waa Cow's aburi bara chirashi bowl.

Roasted Salmon Skin Soya Sauce & with Cod Fish Caviar Mayo - sadly, bigger expectations often translate into larger disappointment as i did with these chef recommendations. Did something change or have my taste buds enhanced over the last few years? The salmon skin was a tad too slimy for my liking and they sure didn't taste as impressive as they did in the past.


180 Kitchener Rd, City Square Mall,
#04-11/12/13, Singapore 208539

Aburi Seafood Don - S$12.80
Roasted Salmon Skin Soya Sauce - S$0.60 apiece
Roasted Salmon Skin Soya Sauce with Cod Fish Caviar Mayo - S$0.90 apiece
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)


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