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Pulau Beras Basah (White Rice Island) - Part of the Island Hopping Tour via LV Island Travel & Tours@ Langkawi [Kedah, Malaysia]

The last part of the island hopping tour was a visit to Pulau Beras Basah (also known White Rice Island) where tourists like us can wind down our pace and relax on the beach! 

Such arrangement is the de factor ending stop for island hopping packages (for example, the Naka Island at Phang Nga Bay) and frankly, i dread it the most as most people would go for suntanning or just chill around; things i don't particularly enjoy when i am on holiday. 

Thankfully, there was a colony of monkeys to make the visit more interesting! I didn't dare touch them although i managed to shoot quite a few photographs using them as models. Click here for the pictures. 

There's a small store that provided the apparatus and equipment for snorkeling, banana boat etc. Even though parasailing was indicated, i didn't see anyone undertaking that activity when i was there. 

Another hut housed a convenience shop where you can purchase snacks and drinks. Those afraid of the sun (i.e. my mom) would likely take shelter here.

Provided you can secure the limited tables! 

Do keep in mind that there's no toilet on the island; which means i better ensure i don't overeat in case i need to 'go'. For guys, the number 1 is easy but number 2 would be tricky in the open. For the ladies, both numbers would be tricky! 

Welcoming beach that's good enough for a swim but it didn't meet my expectation for my favourite water activity; exploring the underwater world. 

Visibility in the water wasn't crystal clear and the stronger waves would be unsafe if we were to decide to venture further out. I weighted the advantages and disadvantages and decided it's not worth the time and risk.

Poor Andy; without any companion, he can only look with envious as the others frolick in the water. Anyway, just joking as this travel mate of mine craves for air-conditioning and alcohol and didn't particularly enjoy activities that result in sweating / him getting wet. 

Suntanning! Actually i don't quite understand Caucasians; they get real pink under the sun yet they appear to enjoy it a lot despite the heightened likelihood of skin cancer.

Aside from the jetty, visitors can also disembark right at the beach! I personally prefer a jetty as it's easier to board and disembark, without getting your feet wet. 

Checking out unique photo spots and chanced upon this leaning tree that's held back by its half exposed roots. Looks like it would be collapsing soon as the trunk would likely be used by visitors as an almost horizontal plank for photo taking.

We returned to the jetty which would be the other place that's sheltered yet with lesser people (most of the times until it's arrival and departure time). 

Only problem; no chairs although that's not a big problem as i am absolutely fine with sitting on the floor! That's the reason why i dislike wearing plain-coloured pants.

Well, the jetty's partially sheltered as some parts of the roof were exposed. So long it doesn't rain, i think our butts can still shift to the not so sunny areas.

Left side of the jetty; the mountains at the background were all on Langkawi mainland. I am guessing that the tallest one on the left is Mount Mat Cincang; where the Langkawi Skycab is located. 

The about 50-meter long jetty pathway.

Time-lapse on the jetty! 

Purpose for showing this; you see the two jet skis? One interesting way to island hop is to rent those jet skis for a tour that lasts about four hours. It doesn't come cheap and cost a minimum of RM 600 (about S$200) for lone rider. 

Many common sergeant major fishes near the jetty! 

Some visitors were using sarong to trap them! I believe in taking photos and bringing nothing back. What irked me more was this group of tourists that were catching the land hermit crabs, for fun! Click here to read more. 

Gosh, this branch did seem like a python from far. 

Alex doing the bollywood dance thingy; tsk, about to be 35 years old already and yet still so childish. hahaha, yes, it's the pot calling the kettle black.

Back to the jetty again as it's about time to go back! I was anxious to get back as the last island didn't result in much excitement (except for the monkeys) and i was feeling both hungry and bored.


Just wondering; with legs dangling like that, wouldn't it entice the bigger marine animals (i am thinking of great white sharks) to jump out and take a bite? Just wondering.


Pulau Beras Basah (White Rice Island),
Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

Part of the Langkawi Island Hopping Tour via LV Island Travel & Tours that cost RM 35 an adult or RM 25 a child for about 3.5 hours.

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