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Lake of the Pregnant Maiden at Pulau Dayang Bunting - Part of the Island Hopping Tour via LV Island Travel & Tours @ Langkawi [Kedah, Malaysia]

There lies a mythical lake on the island of Dayang Bunting that's popular with childless couples and while i have no need for a child (my niece and nephew are already driving me crazy); the fact that it's part of an island hopping tour means i must as well pay it a visit.

The walk in from the main jetty was only about 10 minutes and it was an easy trek. However, the way back might be tiring for those with weak legs as you have to climb up quite a number of steep staircases.

Lake of the Pregnant Maiden - also known as Lake Guillemard or Miracle Lake, it has a rather tragic and morbid legend that's believed strongly by the locals.

You may read the story here; in Malay as i didn't realize i didn't manage to capture the English translation in the above photograph! Fret not, let me share with you the summary.

In essence, a human and a fairy princess fell in love and had a child who died shortly after birth. The fairy decided to bury him in the lake and also blessed the lake so that women with difficulties in conceiving a child would be able to do so after taking a dip in the lake.

I don't know about you but if the story is indeed true; we would technically be soaking in a water tomb right?! Having said that, i guess many other animals could have also died in the freshwater lake; albeit with less fanfare.

Anyway, there are some activities you can consider at the lake and it's not limited to just dipping into the water for the shot of getting pregnant; by the way, the latter's reserved exclusively for the ladies.

You can rent a pedal powered boat (cycle boat) or a canoe to check out the surroundings of the 800 by 400 meters lake. Do be mindful to wear a life jacket as the water depth is an average of about 10 meters! 

Those afraid of deep water can consider the floating pool as above. 

For that kind of shallowness, it's better suited for the kids though. 

Many people were happy to just dip their feet in the water and have a good tan under the blazing hot sun. Others were just milling around and didn't know what to do; others like me.

My feet took a dip too but people who know me would be aware i am hyperactive and i can't really quieten down unless i am sleeping or having a massage. Even when i work, my typing would usually make a noisy racket in the quiet office.

There's actually a store providing massage services and i have appended the pricing as above. Note: i am unsure how many minutes the prices were referring to. 

Want a float or a water gun? Get it from the stall, for a price! 

Other photographs of the lake for your viewing pleasure. Even though i had worn a pair of swimming shorts, i wasn't keen to jump into the water. I prefer to swim in a swimming pool but wouldn't mind doing it in the sea / lake provided i can snorkel and there's plenty to see under the water. 

I think there are things to see in the water of the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden although i am just uncomfortable to do so. Maybe i have been too pampered with clear water in the likes of Maldives, Perhentian Islands (Malaysia), Similan Islands (Thailand) etc. 

Wait, i noticed a map and there's a path around the lake that we explore! 

Sadly, the boardwalk's closed for maintenance! Even though I could have easily crossed over the wooden notice and ventured on my own, i think it's better not to be overly adventurous in a foreign country, especially when it's clearly stated that the pathway was under maintenance.

Photo taken near the entrance of the boardwalk showing the northern end of the lake. Frankly, with the hills surrounding the lake, the view was breathtaking!

Can you see the boardwalk that's under maintenance? 

Upon a check on the web, it seems that this boardwalk would bring us to the southern end of the lake known as the miracle border where you would see both the lake and sea that's separated by a thin, 30-meter ridge. 

Ending the post with a picture of Andy! 


Lake of the Pregnant Maiden,
Kedah, Malaysia

Admission Fee to the Lake
RM 6 per foreigner

Part of the Langkawi Island Hopping Tour via LV Island Travel & Tours that cost RM 35 an adult or RM 25 a child for about 3.5 hours.

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