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Fun at 3D Art Langkawi - Biggest in Malaysia near Langkawi SkyCab #3dlangkawi #trickeyemuseummalaysia

The glass bottom gondola tickets we purchased at RM 105 per person for the cable car included admission to the 3D Art Langkawi and despite having only 30 minutes to explore; we knew we had to at least cover some parts of it so that we didn't have to waste our money! 

That's some classic Singaporean kiasuism in play here! Anyway, no shoes allowed in the premises and you would be required to store your shoes at the manned shoe rack. Guess your expensive shoes would be in good hands. 

Zone 1 - Optical Zone
Something boring first; optical illusion with the right image seemingly pulsating despite being static. p.s. i tried my best to take photos but unfortunately; i really can't manage to take as many given the short 30 minutes we were there. 

Humongous apple! 

Zone 2 - Aquatic Zone
Me attempting to climb up the rock after falling from it. Oh wait, i am supposed to be a merman and in water, i really can't just fall right off with water resistance surrounding me!

Surfing! As the name 3D suggests, the one over hundred pictures / paintings would result in an interactive experience that can be extremely fun if you have friends / family members who are spontaneous, full of expression and not shy! 

Zone 3 - Safari
Obviously my travel mates did a good job; just like both my sisters when we travelled to the Trick Eye museum in South Korea's Jeju Island

Zone 4 - Interactive 1
Unlike Alex, who was smiling most of the times, Andy was super chilled! Most people would have attempted to grab that gold key but he just didn't give a hoot about it! 

Want to be the 'face' of famous magazines?

The 'wings' are always popular. I think it's a human dream to have wings to soar to the skies where we can touch the clouds and be away from other humans! 

Climbing up the bamboo with the panda. Hm.... In reality, would the pandas, with their average weight of about 130 kilograms for a male, be able to climb up a clump of bamboos?

Be terrorized by King Kong! 

And the dinosaur (species of which i would never remember except for t-rex and the long necked one). Anyway, Alex appeared too relaxed in the mouth of the dino.

Time to show his strength to prevent the dinosaur from eating him!

Two wannabe stars that lacked a few things; proper attire, no cleavage and the very apparent fact that they are not of the fairer sex! Maybe that's why the paparazzi went crazy with their cameras.

I think i have seen this before in other trick eye / 3D museum. I was about to get Alex for a photo but he had already proceeded to the next zone.

Taking the stairs which didn't seem real in the above photo! 

Zone 5 - Fantasy
Bigger wings! Unlike the smaller one i shared previously, this one would likely bring us to great heights with an advantage in maneuverability!

Let the photos do the talking; i especially like the one where Alex was fighting against the flaming ball of fire from the menacing dragon.

Road to nowhere.

Remember the scene in Thor the movie, where Mjölnir laid on the ground and no man can move it? Well, never try, never know. Maybe we would be the blessed one.

Zone 6 - Classic
No chance of riding the iconic gondola in the city of Venice? Do it at 3D Art Langkawi and save that exorbitant pricing of about €80 for 40 minutes! 

No stealing, Alex!

Another flight of staircase to god knows where. Maybe Andy would be able to find a sleepy beauty? Or maybe a room filled with chests of gold and precious stones! 

Alex's feet fetish is now confirmed.

More photos for your viewing pleasure. Andy was obviously eyeing that glass of wine but we were in Langkawi; where duty free liquor was widely available for a price you could never get in Singapore! 

For the persons doing the action, it actually did feel a bit stupid although as the photographer; it's interesting to see the final product. 

Zone 7 - Central Hall
There's supposed to be an indoor projection mapping show but we had missed the last one at 7.00 pm. Sigh. We should have given the time-wasters, SkyDome and SkyRex, a miss! 

Andy's penchant for venturing into the unknowns.

The tall ceiling in the central hall enabled large murals and paintings that looked impressive on photos; like the one going into the castle the other one where Andy and Alex had to walk across the bridge made up of rickety planks of wood! 

Torture chamber! 

Zone 8 - Malaysia
Since trick eye museums are now quite common in other countries (there's one in Singapore too), there's a need to differentiate and nothing's better than to showcase something from your own country! 

Like the dragon dance although i initially thought the backdrop seemed more like the mountains in China. Oh well, Malaysia is a multi-cultural society; just like our little red dot.

Zone 9 - Interactive 2
I don't quite understand the need to name this an interactive zone since all zones would require some sort of interaction! It's a trick eye museum, isn't it?! 

Andy's favourite animal; the gigantic house cat! I like a smaller feline as the claws from such a big cat would likely result in death! 

In case you are interested to photoshop yourself in, i have shared the above photo. Rest assured that it would be in its full resolution for ease of manipulation and usage.

Happy with his purchases even though i think he still lacks a pair of shoes from Guccis! Shopaholics might find it comforting to 'interact' with the painting.

Last few photos and loving the one with the afro hairstyle as Alex was totally disappointed with his new hairdo whereas Andy thought he looked great in it! 


Jalan Telaga Tujuh, 07100 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia


Floor Plan
As above.

Showtimes for Indoor Projection Mapping
As above.

Additional Information
In the event you are unwilling to pay the RM 38 per person, you can still take a few photos outside the entrance; e.g. the pair of wings which had been torn off from the 'unconscious' gentleman, i think. 

Again, we love having wings! 
Now, if only we can fly with them. 

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