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Seven Wells near Langkawi SkyCab - Worth the 673-Step Walk Up for the Natural Slides! @ Langkawi [Malaysia] #sevenwellslangkawi

By right, the focus is on the waterfall known as seven wells but lo and behold, it's actually two separate attractions although they are intricately connected as the water from seven wells would cascade down to form the waterfall eventually.

I didn't know about it at first and simple minded me was just planning to go to the attraction that's furthest so that it's less tedious on our way down. As the Chinese saying goes; suffer first for the sweetness afterwards.

The slope was for the vehicles; we humans would have to take the stairs, for safety reason. Furthermore, calculating the steps has the effect of reducing the sore from my calves!

Up and up and up the never-ending staircase.

246 steps later; we could have given up and proceeded to the left where we could chill by the cool temperature surrounding the waterfall.

But no, i have seen waterfalls before and to be honest, i am more curious about the seven wells. Why is it called seven wells? Are they working wells?

With the aforementioned questions, we continued our hike up the stairs. Special thanks to my two (supposedly lazy) travel mates who didn't utter a word of grumble!

Walking alongside the towering trees!

Large pipe beside us; hm.... is there a water treatment plant above us? Not exactly far-fetched since the mountain water would be rich with minerals and would likely be popular with the locals.

427 steps from the waterfall sign; we finally arrived with shirts drenched with sweat! Total time taken for us to reach here was about 12 minutes but as it's an upward climb totalling about 673 steps; it was tiring for all of us!

Directional signs and a plaque welcoming us to Seven Wells!

Toilets were available although i didn't go in to check out the conditions. I was wondering how the hell i changed out from my wet clothes later on and recalled that i did it in the car as we figured we would continue to be wet, with sweat, on our way back.

First thing; let us check out the arched bridge! Well, can't consider it bridge as it connects to nowhere and serves more as an observation platform. Read here for more information!

It provides a great view of the machinchang mountain, including the cable car system of the amazing Langkawi SkyCab which we visited shortly after seven wells. Click here for the post!

Now, the panorama of seven wells!

Technically, the wells refer to the naturally formed pools that dotted the stone terrain! I didn't make a concerted effort to count the actual number as my attention was drawn towards an activity that visitors were doing.

Notice the smoothness of the stone that carries the water? Yes, it's slippery for those who dare to walk across with a pair of shoes / slippers with no friction / worn soles.

To the visitors, however, it's a natural slide with strong water current!

It appeared to be a lot of fun and best of all; you don't even need to pay a single cent to access seven wells although you would need to park for parking fees for your motor vehicles.

I wanted to take more photographs before getting myself wet, and carefully trod across the water to the other side. I did bring along my underwater camera but in terms of quality, it's just not as good as the DSLR.

Simplified barrier that served as a warning that no one should venture any further.

You have been warned; the drop down would most likely kill you as the current goes all the way down to the 91-meter tall waterfall, with numerous precarious drops. You may read the newspaper article about a death at seven wells back in 2017 that i found here.

Further away from the death drop.

When we were there, the water current was manageable. I presume it would be much stronger in rainy weather and there could even more dangerous. I wouldn't recommend people coming to Seven Wells if the weather is bad as everyone would be slippery!

I continued to walk up to see if there were more things to amaze me; nothing much with a heavy reduction in human activity. I am so not going to loiter around alone, just in case bad-luck me chanced upon a snake.

This looks like a man-made structure to distribute the water current.

Rules to walking across the water; remove your shoes and keep your belongings close to you! I am actually a CROCS-shoes person as they are light, durable and don't get wet; good attributes for a leisure hike up to Seven Wells.

Furthest point for me; i am already alone at this position and the nearest human was the group of young gals in front! Strangely, it was quiet up here and the screams i heard from those taking the slides were muffled.

Panorama - i think that's a hiking trail on slight right for those interested to climb to the peak of machinchang mountain; saw it on the directional signage earlier.

I simply can't stop talking pictures of the arched bridge! Anyway, legend spoke of fairies descending from heaven at night to take a bath at seven wells. Well, i wouldn't be caught dead in this area when night falls and mosquitoes appear in swarms!

Trying to manipulate the shuttle speed on the DSLR for the above photograph. Verdict - I really need to practice more on the aperture, ISO and shutter speed features.

My travel mates were having a good time in the water and i guess i couldn't delay the inviting water anymore! psst, they were the guinea pigs to ensure nothing's wrong with the water before i jump in.

Finding a dry spot for my bag and one that didn't have a steep gradient as my heavy bag would have a higher chance of rolling down!

Water was cold yet refreshing to the skin! I didn't dare to sip the water as it wasn't clear and god knows what micro-bacteria were lurking in it!

Underwater photos! And yes, there were fishes (last photo with a red circle) even though they were smaller than my pinky finger.

Water can be deep at some parts and those with kids should exercise caution. Protective parents can consider bringing their children to a man-made, purpose-built swimming pool instead.

The 'slide' seemed so fun and you can see the groups of friends thoroughly enjoying themselves! Now that i am older, i don't like to participate in activities with no proper safety gear. If we get injured (or even break a tooth), the cost can be hefty! 

Start of the 'slide'.

Surprise, surprise! I decided to give it a try as the gradient didn't seem that frightening and i could easily stop if need be; or so i thought.

The reality was far from what i expected; the strong current made it hard for me to stop and i almost twisted my hand trying to reduce the speed! The worst part was the plunge as it's hard to surface instantly; i think i am unsuitable for whitewater rafting!

I should just be like this gentleman; clothed and zen without the need to jump into the water. But no, he is the one missing all the fun actually! If you know me as a friend, you would know i am quite adventurous although i do know my limits.

Time to leave!

Descending would be easier but do not hesitate to give a few words of advice and encouragement to those who are going in the opposite direction! Many already appeared half dead at the point of the waterfall junction and didn't realise it was twice the journey up to Seven Wells!

Finally reached the bottom end of the staircase!


Telaga Harbour Park, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

Location Map
As above.

Parking Rates
Car - RM 2 per entry
Motorcycle - RM 1 per entry

Jungle Trails at Seven Wells
As above

Additional Information
We spotted people zip-lining above the forest canopy along the long staircase! Boy, this reminded me so much of the fun i had at Singapore's Forest Adventure

It's managed by Umgawa Zipline Eco Adventures and i think i would sign up for its adventure tour the next time i visit. The 2-2.5 hour big waterfall adventure tour appeals most to me; albeit its pricing at RM 499 is a bit hard to stomach.

Details on the routes for big waterfall adventure and jungle flight! 

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