Saturday, February 23, 2019

Kei Kaisendon - Kei Signature Kaisen Don @ Suntec City Mall (West Wing) [Singapore]

Our plan was to dine at Pasarbella but as we were on our way, we were waylaid by the mouthwatering yet healthy looking menu outside Kei Kaisendon! 

My friend appeared interested and i didn't think too much about it; only realized much later that i had in fact requested for takeaway from its branch at Paya Lebar a few months back. Anyway, i didn't blog about it then so i am taking this opportunity to share my review.

Hot Green Tea - it just seemed appropriate to have green tea in a Japanese restaurant; thankfully, this didn't come in a sachet form and you are free to request for refill. 

Kei Signature Kaisen Don - available in three sizes (small, regular and large) and with options of rice, salad or mix; this was said to be one of two signature kaisen don from the restaurant. 

Now, i know of chirashi don and to me, the kaisen don looks similar; if not the same as chirashi don (which is also offered in the eatery). So what's their difference? Or is it merely a different terminology depending on which region you are from? Turned out the answer is in the rice; kaisen don typically doesn't use sushi rice.

Our regular serving was served in a rather small bowl and it did seem like the ingredients were literally overflowing! Being health conscious recently (with my medical check up scheduled in less than two week's time), i reluctantly requested for mix of rice and salad. 

Honestly, i have nothing to complain about this as the seafood was chunky, pretty fresh and i didn't get the revolting fishy taste often associated with seafood that turned bad. However, i couldn't help comparing it to the aburi chirashi don from Waa Cow; their charred aroma and flavour were simply overly addictive! 


3 Temasek Boulevard, 
Suntec City Mall West Wing, 
#02-372, Singapore 038983

As above.

Hot Green Tea - S$1.50
Kei Signature Kaisen Don (R) - S$16.90
(NETT Pricing)

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