Sunday, February 03, 2019

The Arched Bridge above Seven Wells Waterfall @ Langkawi [Malaysia]

There's not much information about this arched bridge but it's the most imposing, albeit man-made, structure to catch my eyes when i arrived at the top of the seven wells waterfall in Langkawi

It connects to nowhere and hence, might not be considered a bridge in the strictest sense. Some might prefer to call it a viewing platform as it does bring visitors to a slightly higher elevation.

An elevation that let us soak in the picturesque sights of the mountain range in front of us! Did you realise that tall structure in the middle of the forest and the little dots on the far right?

It's actually the Langkawi Cable Car (otherwise known as SkyCab) system; featuring the steepest cable car route! Seven Wells Waterfall is super near the cable car and i would suggest you coordinate your trip to include both attractions on the same day. 

Up close!  

That's really how short the bridge is; thankfully, there were not many people as i always have that morbid thought that i would fall off a collapsing bridge! 

Transparent flooring - the bridge wasn't of scary height and given the hazy condition of the material; i didn't feel a tinge of fear. Don't ask me to jump though; that's a totally different scenario.

This is the view of the water streaming down the hill, towards the seven wells waterfall; we were on the upper level where the source of the waterfall is from. 

The place is known as seven wells as during the wet / rainy season, water from Mount Mat Cincang would pool in seven natural ponds; the climb up might be a major deterrent to many even though it was a highlight for our trip! 

Imagine having a natural slide! I must admit it's quite fun despite the danger of hurting your butt, knocking your legs against some sharp edges and plunging into a deeper than expected pond! More would be shared in due course.

View of the bridge from the bottom; that transparent flooring looked rather menacing from here although it wasn't all that bad once you are up there. A photobomb on the right!

And since it's already photobombed; no harm having more to make the picture more complete. Speaking of which; i better send both pictures to the guy who passed me his email.


Mukim Padang Matsirat,, Jalan Telaga Tujuh, 
07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

Free. Parking charges apply for motor vehicles.

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