Monday, February 18, 2019

Happy Birthday, Johnny!

The last birthday month of the year for my family members is September and it would be a lull of five long months before we get to celebrate another member's birthday; that of my brother in law! 

Family's photo consisting the wife (also known as my sister) and the two terrors in the family! Yes, like father, like son and like mother, like daughter; Jovyn is known to be a carbon copy of Joyce.

Bigger family - as time was running late and i can sense the tiredness in everyone as they had been in my house for more than eight hours (spent on two rounds of steamboat and a few hours of blackjack); we didn't manage to get everyone for an all-inclusive shot.

Time to start the birthday song! In the past, it's a medley of four birthday songs and i am so glad it has now been shortened to two; just the basic English and Mandarin!

Some things never change; Jovyn still persists in stealing the "blow the candle" moment! We don't really mind anyway as birthdays are more for the kids.

Happy Birthday, Johnny! 

Chocolate origins' original cake was sponsored by my younger sister; tasted pretty good but i am a bigger fan of buttercream cake. The older generation (my parents and my sister's parents-in-law) said it was a tad sweet although i personally thought it's manageable.  

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