Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Top Station of the Langkawi Sky Cab (Cable Car), with an Impressive View of the Iconic Sky Bridge @ Kedah [Malaysia] #skybridge #langkawi

As the cable car pulled into the top station, it's obvious that the simple sky bridge we saw from the middle station sported a totally different look up close!

Two basic options were laid out for us when we arrived finally at the top station; either proceed to the viewing platforms or to check out the sky bridge that requires an entry fee, charged separately

It wasn't much at RM 5.00 an adult for the nature walk to the sky bridge. If you are running out of time, you may consider sky glide which cost an additional RM 10.00 yet would save you about 8 minutes of walk.

We pondered for a short while before deciding to give it a miss. Reasons being we didn't have enough time (queue for SkyGlide was long) and as the top station is at a taller elevation, the view at the sky bridge would not likely be better.

Hence, let's delay no more and proceed to the two viewing platforms!

Yes, i did notice the love locks! It is honestly a marvelous marketing gimmick to get people to spend money under the belief of romance! I am more likely to get a lock and bring it home as a souvenir.

On second thought, not really as there's nothing special about the locks. Speaking of which, wouldn't it be better for me to custom made dozens of locks from taobao.com and padlock them at places i travel to?

Obviously sponsored by Amway! No complaint here as i am a member of Amway and actually chose their eSpring water treatment system for my flat when i moved in more than two years ago.

View of the middle station from the top station; the difference in elevation is only about 58 meters. The middle station is 650 meters above sea level whereas the top station stands at 708 meters.

From another angle.

Bay view; from here, you can actually see cenang beach (where our hotel is) but it was a bit too cloudy that day when we visited.

Alex being forced to stand at this floor sign. What does W stand for? It's not hard to guess that it points towards the direction. Sun sets in the west and i bet this would be a perfect spot to secure that sunset shot.

Stepping on the E floor sign. Even though the sun rises in the east, there's no chance to take photos of the sunrise as the skycab starts its daily operations only from 9.30 am!

Information of the machinchang cambrian geoforest park which is over 550 million years old; older than the Jurassic period when dinosaurs roamed the land.

The viewing platform on the other end.

Don't you just love that breathtaking backdrop of jagged mountains!? Place them on an isolated island and i could just imagine rumours of a dinosaur country.

Walking across to the other platform!

Arrows showing the distance of reputable cable car / gondola systems all over the world! I noted one at Grouse Mountain in Canada that's over 12,578 kilometers away!

Singapore Cable Car was included too!

Oh, this is where you can buy the mass produced, unexciting love locks. I think the operator can up the game by providing customized love locks with laser-printed images etc.

Middle station again - yes, i took too many photos!

And now, the 125-meter long skybridge that's built in 2014! Suspended at 100 meters above ground, the curved bridge can accommodate only up to 125 persons at any one time.

What does it remind you of?! For me, it's like a gigantic fish that was left to die on top of a mountain, leaving only its bones to remind everyone of its demise.

The tail of the 'fish'. I am quite glad i didn't opt for the sky bridge as we would likely spend more time and that's optimal given that our tickets included admission to other attractions like SkyDome, SkyRex & 3D Art Langkawi.

Wait, what's that track on the right?

It's the sky glide; the one that cost an additional RM 10.00! Aside from looking like a portal toilet that's moving continuously back and forth along the 94-meter long track; its slow speed would likely frustrate an impatient person like i.

Time-lapse of the SkyBridge!

Making use of the telescope for a better look at the machinchang rock formations! Boy, i thought Andy was going to lose his iPhone X.

Alex again looking to the west! 

The Andaman Sea! On a clear day, it was said that you can see Thailand. I believe as Langkawi is geographically nearer to Thailand. 

Well, now the view of the other platform; the one i conquered earlier.

More photos as i have too many to share! That's the problem with me; being excited and getting all trigger happy. A major disadvantage as i often have to trawl through many photos for a post and it's a hard to decide which to keep and which to discard. 

Wire sculptures - i had to remind Andy that Alex purchased a big one from Thailand once and that bloody thing is still collecting dust in my parents' house! 

About to take the express lane (applicable as well for ticket holders of VIP gondola, private gondola and crystal glass gondola) when something caught my attention.

SkyPOS - “The one and only post box on the top of mountain in Langkawi”. Well, nothing to shout about unless it is the only and only post box on top of the mountain in the entire Malaysia! 

I know of people who like things like that and have even received mail from friends who posted them from unique mailboxes overseas. For a practical (and boring) person like me who doesn't have nice handwriting; i always think it's better to receive than to send. 


Jalan Telaga Tujuh, 07100 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia 


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