Sunday, October 16, 2011

Guava with Preserved Orange Peel - Healthy Fruit Snack!

Guava is known for its high dietary fiber and wikipedia told me it has surprisingly high vitamin c content as well; 4 times the amount of an orange!

Although it can be eaten on its own, most of us prefer to have guava with sour plum powder. Rumour has it that the powder is carcinogenic but without this ingredient, the guava has basically not much taste.

With full credits to Lillian, who has taught me how make an equally delicious yet healthier guava snack using preserved Chinese orange peel that can be easily purchased from supermarkets and traditional chinese medical halls.

The steps are really easy and if i could do, so can you!

Chop off the inedible parts (namely the tip and the butt). For those who are really stingy and feel that it's a waste of good fruit meat, using a fruit knife to dig the parts out.

Use a fruit peeler to remove the bitter green skin. Bitter gourd lovers may wish to leave a bit of skin for that slightly bitter kick.

As you can see, i like mine with as little skin as possible. Life is bitter enough for god sake!! By the way, do get those seedless guavas as you will not want to risk losing a few molars. Dental restoration can be super expensive.

Cut the whole fruit into 4 segments and slice them up. The size can be varied but do note that if each piece is too big, it cannot fully absorbed the flavour of orange peel and when it is too small, the taste might be too overpowering.

Put everything into a big pot and give it a good rinse! Drain the water well and let's proceed to the next step.

Utilise a pair of scissors to shred the orange peels into tiny bits; my mom will use roughly seven pieces of preserved orange peel for 5 small guavas. Again, please use your discretion on how many pieces you want.

Thoroughly mix up the orange peel bits with the slices of guava. For hygiene purpose, kindly use a glove. Unless you don't mind the natural salt arising from the palm sweat.

Dump and separate everything into airtight plastic containers; my personal favourite will be lock and lock.

Eat them chilled for the best results; put them in the freezer if you are really desperate! Typically, one box can last me two sittings.

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