Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Flying Fish Sashimi @ Itacho Sushi [JCube]

My brain was scrambling to confirm what to have in Itacho Sushi last week when the waitress magically swiped out another menu from god-knows-where and offered some special items. 

Nothing really caught our interest until we came to flying fish sashimi! My adventurous persona immediately surfaced and before the others said anything, i blurted "let's try this"! 

I have never seen a real flying fish in my whole life and it's ironic that for our first meet up, it's literally flying into my stomach! Honestly, I have to admit i felt a slight pang of guilt when it was served; the poor fish was literally deboned! 

The sad part was that i didn't even enjoy eating it (its sacrifice was in vain...); maybe we didn't articulate to the waitress properly that we prefer the simple and slice sashimi. What was served tasted suspiciously similar to the raw fish salad sold in many porridge stalls in Singapore, mixed in with too much spring onions!

Key difference with the raw fish salad was of course the huge differential in price! And i might have felt better without the dead fish staring at me while i am slowly chewing its meat.

Sigh, I should have just shut my mouth and stick to our usual sushi. 

2 Jurong East Central 1,
#02-15, JCube

Flying Fish Sashimi - S$23
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

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