Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Waa Cow! & its Aburi Bara Chirashi Bowl - Moving to University Town (UTown)

A fellow colleague had missed quite a few opportunities to dine at Waa Cow and we decided to go with her today so that she would finally understand why we kept raving about the food there.

Coincidentally, all of us opted for the Aburi Bara Chirashi bowl even though that's all that the restaurant had left for the rest of the day; for a reason that i would announce at the end of this post.

Now, i am not a chirashi guru; hence, i couldn't comment much in comparison with others in the "industry". I am aware, however, that aburi (torched) sashimi usually tastes extremely good with a blend of rawness and cooked seafood enveloped by an irresistible charred aroma. 

It was spoonful after spoonful of delicious goodness made of popping salmon roes, fresh salmon and tuna that moved down my throat, helped by a supposedly house-blended vinegar, aged soya sauce and the signature slightly burnt rice. Put it this way, i don't often see that colleague of mine eat so much rice and she literally cleaned up the bowl! 

For those who have yet to try Waa Cow, i am sorry to inform you that today is their last day at NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House! Fret not though as they would be reopening (targeted mid of July) at another location within NUS, the vibrant University Town!


Moving to University Town in Mid July 2016

For updates on their upcoming opening, visit their facebook page 

Aburi Bara Chirashi Bowl - S$16.90 
(NUS staff / students would get extra discounts).

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