Monday, October 30, 2017

Black House Burgers - Top 10 (Out of 871 Restaurants in Kuta) @ Bali [Indonesia] #blackhouseburgers

Befitting its label as touristy area, Kuta has a ton of restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines for travellers to choose from. I am confused given the sheer number and relied heavily on the recommendations from Trip Advisor.

I wasn't seeking specifically for burgers but 900 over reviews for the Black House Burgers appeared rather legit and the pricing wasn't a total ripoff (at least compared to what we have in Singapore). 

Literally a hole in the wall and for that good of a review score; the restaurant was empty except for two customers who coincidentally were Alex's colleagues! 

Non-air-conditioned setting even though it wasn't that bad when we visited as the sky was overcast. Well, to be frankly, the weather had not been great in the past few days we were in Bali.

Display of camera models over the past few decades; due to the bounced lighting, the painted-on pictures didn't look too realistic in the above photograph. 

Tables and chairs made from disused oil drums! 

Quirky design aside, i was most impressed with the staff members; they served with a smile and even willingly passed me the WiFi password without me asking for it!

There were so many things i wanted to try beside the burgers; there were the awesome fries (potapork, hot jack, beefy bucks) and the 100% real fruit juices (less than S$2 a cup)! Pity my tummy was still digesting the nasi campur i had at Made's Warung three hours before. :( 

Serviettes, cutlery, pepper and salt were placed on an aluminum tin on every table; i only realised later that it was baking tin and the eatery was using them as serving trays too! That's blasphemous for anyone who enjoys baking! 

Need more sauces (mustard, tomato, chilli, BBQ, thousand island dressing, mayo etc)? Get them from the sauce station at the corner. Long term stayers can consider getting the loyalty-stamp card for extra freebies! 

The A-Bomb - sometimes, i don't really get the names of dishes on the menu. I presume that the A-Bomb refers to Atomic Bomb and there's absolutely nothing terrifying from the burger. And we didn't explode too after taking a bite.

I can hardly taste the chicken with the generous layer of caramelised onions. Don't get me wrong, i love caramelised onions and hope they could be included in every burger; simply to enhance the sweetness! However, the chicken patty failed to surprise and the toughness didn't help. 

Bonnie & Clyde - Alex's colleagues recommended this with a footnote; be careful of the bits of bones which had the potential to get stuck in between your teeth. An advice worth taking as they are dentists and we all know how expensive dental work is. p.s. Alex loves the crispy crinkle-cut French fries! 

So what's between the soft charcoal burger bun with a touch of sweetness (and could have benefited from more butter)? Braised pork ribs, crispy wanton skin (imagine the cackling sound as you chomp down the burger), caramelised onions, button mushrooms, sliced tomatoes and a sunny side up with a runny yolk that drools when you bite through. 

Don't be afraid of the bones as the braised pork ribs were impossibly tender and the ribs broke into tiny pieces without any resistance. I love the taste of the braised pork ribs as it's like digging into a slab of juicy BBQ pork ribs! Absolutely delish! 


Jl. Patimura No.1, Kuta, 
Kabupaten Badung, 
Bali 80361, Indonesia


As above.

Operating Hours
1.30 pm to 10.45 pm
Closed on Sundays.


As above.

The A-Bomb - 58,000 rupiahs
Bonnie & Clyde - 85,000 rupiahs

Additional Information
Have vegan or vegetarian friends? There's something for them too! 

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