Sunday, October 08, 2017

Song Kee Special @ Song Kee Fishball Noodle House in Thomson Plaza [Singapore]

I am craving for noodles these few days and was gearing to fix my craving this afternoon at Thomson Plaza (also known as the old Thomson Yaohan for those around my age, or older).

Song Kee Fishball Noodle House caught my attention and i thought i should give it a try just so i can compare it with my favourite Li Xin fishball noodle stall.

Didn't look like your typical fishball noodle? This was because i opted for their Song Kee Special which comprised of fishball, meatball, fish dumpling and fried dumplings! 

At $6 a bowl, it was rather pricey although i did get quite a variety of ingredients. Furthermore, pricing at shopping malls for typical local hawker fare has always been on a high side and can double what you normally pay for in a non-air-conditioned hawker centre. 

Noodle was al dente and drenched with a concoction of chilli and vinegar whereas my personal preference was more the chilli and tomato sauce combination. Fishball was actually pretty normal and i had better words for the tasty meatball which appeared handmade and the fish dumpling that had soft yet flavourful inside. 

Overall not too bad, especially when i was given more than just fishball. However, my heart still longs for li xin fishball. Maybe having a generous topping of crispy pork lard on the noodle at Song Kee would help? 


301, Upper Thomson Road,
#01-107A, Thomson Plaza,
Singapore 574408

As above.

Song Kee Special - S$6.00

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