Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Store Your Bulky Baggage While Transiting at Suvarnabhumi Airport for Over 12 Hours @ Bangkok [Thailand]

I got an extremely good deal for my air plane ticket to Hokkaido but there's a catch; i had to transit at Bangkok which wasn't that bad of an idea since i utterly missed the unassuming omelette rice at Pier 21!

Hence, i intentionally scheduled the departing flight to Singapore roughly 18 hours after our arrival in Bangkok so that we can stay a night for food indulgence with a session of traditional Thai massage at Urban Retreat!

The key consideration for the above plan to materialize was our luggage which was expected to be massive, considering it's our first trip to Japan and there were likely tons to buy! As you can see from the photograph, i didn't exaggerate. 

There's no way i would lug the luggage over to our hotel in downtown Bangkok and that's when the baggage service at Suvarnabhumi Airport came into play!

It's not free but i am more than happy to pay a token sum to store the larger pieces of luggage so that my hands would be free to take the crowded airport rail link! As you can see, the rates were based on the size of the luggage and if i recall correctly, we paid 360 baht (about S$15) for two medium and one small.

Of course, there were terms and conditions with regard to the storage and as any seasoned traveller would tell you, don't keep your valuables in those storage; just to play safe. Procedures for storing and retrieval were pretty straightforward and for more information on the baggage service in the airport, click here

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