Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ear Wax Removal - The Western Medical Way

Like many Asians in Singapore, the removal of ear wax can be a weekly affair via a conventional ear picker and although they can be made from various materials; my favorite is the bronze type as seen in the above picture. 

However, the device to remove hard and encased ear wax is way more intimidating and i only found out about it when my dad had to undergo the treatment recently! According to my dad, he has never picked his ear before and that, according to the doctors, should be way as we should never pick our ears! 

OMG - it's like a huge needle being pushed into the ear! To facilitate the removal, my dad had to soften the ear wax (using some medicated liquid) for around three days before the D day. 

The device was already filled up with water and its purpose was to syringe the water into the ear to dislodge the stubborn ear wax. I was all wide eyed as my dad's ear became vessel to facilitate a mini-waterfall. 

A relatively fast, painless process and i am happy knowing my dad can hear better now! p.s. didn't take a clearer picture of the ear wax as the doctor immediately poured the entire content down the sink. :( Sad. 

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