Sunday, October 29, 2017

Surfers Surfing on Choppy Waters at Tanah Lot in Bali [Indonesia]

Bali is said to be a surfer's paradise and i can understand why when the water was continuously choppy with rolling waves in the short four days i was there. 

I am not interested in surfing given my lack of hand-foot-mind coordination, the unknown factors in the water and my preference to be under the water rather than above it. I mean, which right minded individual would surf in the above conditions?! 

There were two in the water that day and i was inherently curious as i have never seen surfing for real before; i prepared my camera and held it in position as i waited for next wave to envelop them. 

It was exciting and i can so imagine the adrenaline high that the surfer felt when he successfully conquered the waves! Key question is; would i want to try?

Maybe, maybe. Never try, never know although the older i get, the more i am scared of death. Not so much about the after-death but more like there are so many things i have yet to do when i am alive, the numerous loans that i am servicing and the fear of losing my loved ones (from the perspective of someone who is passing on). 

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