Saturday, October 21, 2017

Tanah Lot Barbecued Corn @ Bali [Indonesia]

The amount of photos i had for Tanah Lot temple at Bali numbers close to 200 and breaking them apart into mini-postings can be extremely helpful for me as my brain couldn't process that many pictures in one single post! 

Hence, for today, i am going to talk about the barbecued corn i found at this hardly prominent street side stall at the temple compound. p.s. Tanah Lot is more than just a religious abode; a rather large area was zoned for commercial uses with a number of shopping streets.

BBQ corn came in four flavours - sweet, chilli, salt and butter. Being unadventurous Singaporeans, we opted for the standard butter and it was barbecued nicely without being overly charred as in some cases i had encountered. 

Alex took the first bite as he was the one feeling famished. In addition, he enjoys corn that was grilled, barbecued or steamed and professes to be the corn connoisseur. 

It was good; the corn kernels came off easily and the bite was crunchy with a light buttery aroma. We tried to salvage as much as we could but it's obvious both of us were craving for more. 

By that time, we had already ventured towards another shopping street and it's with excitement (Alex, not me) that we found another stall selling BBQ corn! Of course we had to purchase another one; sadly, it wasn't as nice. :(


Location Map
As above (red star).

I cannot remember but it's about S$1.

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