Monday, October 16, 2017

Vegas Barbershop in Kuta @ Bali [Indonesia]

Alex has a habit whenever he travels overseas and in my opinion, it's a darn irritating one as i often can't stay still for extended period of time (except for massages); not when i should be checking out the foreign country! 

What does he like to do? He totally enjoys having a haircut when he is out of Singapore! I am someone who is extremely particular over who manages my hair as i don't wax / gel and the hairdresser would usually cut it too short or just give it a light trim.

Never mind the language barrier since his main objective is usually to have a clean cut that can be easily styled using wax and gel. While he was getting ready, i was just sitting on the sofa and playing my candy crush; an utter waste of my time!

Anyway, the concept of the barbershop was like a throwback to the retro 60 / 70s and this retro 'uprising' was already in place in places like Bangkok. Bet many millennials would not know how a cassette tape looks like. 

30 minutes were wasted just like that! Oh well, compromises are required whenever we travel with others and it's a small sacrifice given that Alex is always the designated model in my photos. 


In Kuta (pretty near to Warung Babi Guling Bu Dayu)
Click here for the map.


Price List
As above.

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