Monday, October 23, 2017

Having Fun on the New Downtown Line - For Jovyn @ Downtown Line 3 Open House [Singapore]

Jovyn was all ready for the Downtown Line 3 Open House; dressed in a rainbow
dress that was purchased in
Malacca, she appeared as an obedient, sweet little thing who would quickly hide quietly behind the parents in front of strangers. 

That's merely a front for who she really is; without her parents who would look disapprovingly at her rubber-faced expression, she was as carefree as a bird and proceeded to strike a Saturday night fever dance pose in the middle of the train! 

And flexed her tiny muscles! 

Honestly, i think she has the looks of a person who can really fight! Maybe i should persuade my sister to enrol her in mixed martial arts or something; for all you know, she could be the next Angela Lee

Obviously, she is still a young gal at heart and her constant cheerfulness is a sharp contrast to the brother somewhat more serious demeanor. 

Full of mischief - she has the knack to make someone laugh and even though she is shy (a trait that i possess too); she managed to bring a smile to many commuters in the same train carriage as us! 

Hiding behind the folded fan, we were supposed to play a classic game called 喜怒哀樂, where you are supposed to express happiness, anger, sorrow and joy! 

Cuteness max yet failed miserably! 

Who wants to rent her for halloween?! She looked just like a mini, female version of Hei Bai Wu Chang (黑白無常) with each hand holding to a fan! Funny yet morbid! 

After all the abuse, it's no wonder that my fan was damaged! Thankfully, it wasn't an expensive one and i easily replaced it with non-folding fan from Daiso! 

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