Sunday, October 29, 2017

Jinjja Chicken - A Korean Fast Food Restaurant (Halal) @ Yishun's Northpoint City [Singapore]

This would be, once again, another posting on a new food outlet in the rejuvenating Northpoint City (used to be known as Northpoint shopping centre) for the benefit of my fellow Yishunites! 

Jinjja Chicken isn't the first Korean fast food restaurant in the mall as there's already 4Fingers; although some would argue that 4Fingers is more a fusion eatery. Oh well, doesn't matter to laymen like myself. 

As with normal fast food restaurants, order has to be taken at the ordering counter with payment made before your food can be cooked. And once that's done at Jinjja Chicken, do keep in mind the queue number on your receipt! 

Once that same queue number shows up on the TV screen at the collection counter; you may then proceed to pick up your food. 

At the same pick up counter was a section where you can your cutlery, straws, serviettes, plastic gloves and a metal pot for the chicken bones! Since there's no sink for diners to wash their hands, i would strongly recommend taking the plastic gloves.

1332 - this was the 4D number i bought. Just kidding of course as that's my queue number for the food i ordered! I went again recently and the above was missing a bibimbap that i would be reviewing as well in this post. 

Sikhye Drink - a rice-based beverage that tasted a bit like barley tea and was a bit bland. On my second visit, we had the same thing and mum commented it was too sweet for her. Yuzu was better, in my opinion.

Tteokbokki Fries - literally French fries and Korean rice cakes mixed together with no blended amalgamation! I felt cheated, especially when there were only two pieces of Tteokbokki!

Jinjja Wings - we opted for the 6-piece mix which consisted of 3 soy garlic and 3 yangnyeom. Surprisingly, they weren't served piping hot (unlike the Oppa Chicken at AMK); taste wise, however, we enjoyed the soy garlic wings with a higher affection reserved for the yangnyeom which had a hot and sweet marinade that were both numbing and shiok.

Jiajang Myeon - had been watching running man (the popular Korean variety show) and i was craving for the black bean noodles! Frankly, it didn't taste that amazing and i would be better off with our local fish ball noodles. Nevertheless, it was quite pleasurable to loudly slurp in the black, saucy noodles and the taste did get better after a while. 

Bulgogi Beef Kimbap - this would be suitable for picnics or when friends visit as the kimbap (Korean sushi) was served in an attractive box!

Furthermore, that was a lot of beef in the middle; mildly sweet yet satisfying with cheese and pieces of crunchy lettuce and carrots! This would be one item i will seriously consider for dinner when i am too lazy to cook! 

Chicken Bibimbap - this was one item i failed to try on my first visit as there were too much food for three of us. Hence, i eagerly ticked this off the menu when my mom said i can order anything i want so long it doesn't contain beef.

For just S$7.90, this was definitely decent tasting and wasn't overly spicy. Thanks to the runny egg, the mixed up rice with vegetables and meat had a moist texture that i personally prefer for bibimbap! Next time, i shall opt for the beef bibimbap! 


930 Yishun Avenue 2, 
#01-45, Northpoint City 
Singapore 769098


As above

Sikhye Drink (S) - S$2.50
Tteokbokki Fries (S) - S$3.50
Jinjja Wings (6 pieces) - S$7.90
Jiajang Myeon - S$7.90
Bulgogi Beef Kimbap - S$8.90
Chicken Bibimbap - S$7.90
(inclusive of GST)

Additional Information
Jinjja Chicken is Halal-certified.

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