Saturday, October 28, 2017

Made's Warung - Balinese Nasi Campur Special @ Kuta [Bali Island, Indonesia]

I planned to try local food in Bali and though i had managed to check out the babi guling, there's another item on my list; Nasi Campur (mixed rice)! 

There were a few famous restaurants but for ease of travelling given the limited time i had on the Indonesian island, i needed one nearer to Grand Istana Rama Hotel. Thankfully, the hotel is located in a touristy area and Made's Warung, a 15--minute walk away, seemed like a great fit for my schedule.

Decor was traditionally Indonesian with two levels to choose from. It's non-air-conditioned; hence, do pray that the weather wasn't too hot / humid when you visit. 

My initial impression assumed that Made's Warung was a dining establishment serving authentic traditional Balinese / Indonesian cuisine. I believe it is but Western desserts, breakfast, salads, pasta, pancakes and even Japanese dishes! 

Well, i am still sticking to the local delights.

Mineral Water - a bottle of plain water for me as there's another round of food at a burger place in two to three hours' time and i had to control the amount of trash that would be going into my body!

Avocado Juice - managed to steal a sip from Alex and it was so creamy and refreshing! Definitely welcome in the hot weather and not as sweet as some other versions that included chocolate sauce / gula melaka. 

Black Rice Pudding - this came recommended and was served warm! Looked a bit like the Singapore's Or Bi Beh (black glutinous rice) and taste wise; similar to eating watery red bean paste. Flavour was weak though and the sweetness could be reduced, in my opinion.

Nasi Campur Special - i chose this over Nasi Campur as it's not every month i would be in Bali and i might as well for the special version. 

There's a variety of ingredients surrounding the bowl-shaped rice; satay, vegetables, sardine, prawns, chicken. Don't they remind us of our local mixed vegetables rice or Nasi Padang? Except that we get to pick and choose the ingredients back home.

A familiar experience and one i enjoyed very much as the mish-mash of ingredients in every spoonful was delicious! The only negative feedback was maybe the satay which could have been more tender. 


Jl. Pantai Kuta, Banjar Pande Mas,
Kuta, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung,
Bali 80361, Indonesia

As above


As above. Made's Warung served Rijst Tafel (Rice Table and you may read more in the menu). If you have a minimum of 4 persons, you can order one day in advance at 200,000 rupiahs per person.  

Mineral Water - 13,000 rupiahs
Avocado Juice - 25,000 rupiahs
Black Rice Pudding - 25,000 rupiahs
Nasi Campur Special - 68,000 rupiahs

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