Monday, May 19, 2014

The Ice Cream Shop @ Simpang Bedok [Singapore]

Nothing's more appropriate than to name your company using the main item that you are selling; in this case, you would totally expect ice cream to be sold in the premise of The Ice Cream Shop! If i ever open a restaurant, i am just going to call it "here's food"!

Anyway, the Gang of Four was driving aimlessly after an excessive meal at Cheng Mun Chee Kee pig organ's soup and decided to check out this ice cream parlour that opened less than a year ago at Simpang Bedok. 

With more than fifteen flavours for us to choose from, we left the eventual decision to Alex even though i did request to have waffles! His choices were Blackie (Oreo & Malt), Ferraro (Chocolate Hazelnut), Vanilla Bean and the premium Durian King (which is basically Mao Shan Wang durian).

Kind of overwhelming to have four scoops of ice cream sitting rather tightly on a single slab of waffle! Remember i mentioned about the bland tasting waffles at Creamier? Even though this thickness was not as generous, i honestly enjoyed its more buttery infusion! Ice cream wise was more of a letdown.

Not all the flavours though; out of the four, ferraro was the most disappointing and as Kon put it most accurately; it totally lacked direction! Blackie tasted like Oreo with a horlicks aftertaste while i have had better vanilla ice cream in Creamier. On the best seller (Durian King that is), i prefer the one from Daily Scoop

Before i end this post, let me share with you an incident. Take a look at the above pricing board and guess how much we would have paid for our waffles plus four scoops of ice cream. The way i look at it, it should be two scoops of classic (S$5.50), two scoops of mix (S$7.00) and add a waffle at S$3.00 which should bring everything to S$15.50.

Nope, we were charged for each individual item and the total bill came up to S$17.80! Of course, we were curious as to why! The waitress was kind enough to explain that for waffle, a bigger scoop of ice cream would be given; hence the combo would not be applicable. Thanks but frankly, i thought the pricing board should be re-designed to give customers a better idea of what they are in fact paying for!

In any case, all's good and both Kon and i managed to clean up everything!


312, Bedok Road
[Simpang Bedok]

As above

Operation Hours
12 noon to 12 midnight

Facebook Website

Additional Information
I am no fan of ice cream milkshakes but if you are, you might want to customise your own milkshake! Do note that the shop bears no responsibility for the final taste of the custom milkshake! 


  1. Dear Cavin,

    First and foremost, kudos to you and this post! As a foodie, I personally admire how you were able to describe your experience not just vividly in this post, but in a way that everyone can relate to. We thank you sincerely for your review, and we'll be looking into the things that you are not so happy about. The shop would greatly appreciate your critique on our instagram posts on as well and we hope that you'll continue to patronize us!

    Yours Sincerely,
    Staff that was serving you at The Ice Cream Shop


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