Friday, May 30, 2014

Business Class Cabin for Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) 台灣高速鐵

Taking the high speed rail (henceforth HSR) is one efficient way to cut down on travelling time within Taiwan without the high, exorbitant prices we often have to fork out for domestic air travel. 

My topic today is to share the experience of business class seating in Taiwan HSR. With a journey that took us less than an hour (from Taichung to Taipei), you might wonder why did i pay more than 40% the standard ticket pricing for business class?! Two reasons; to experience the difference and because i had a huge luggage! 

Of course, i didn't know that standard class cabins have the same luggage compartment until i was physically in Taiwan. In my trip back to Taipei, the compartment was so full; i had to make use of the extra leg space in front of my spacious seat! So in a way, there were indeed some benefits to taking business class. 

Other advantages include reclining seats, independent readings lights (in bright daylight, there was seriously no need for this), supply of magazines and daily newspapers, personal music listening system and electrical sockets by the side of your seats which are not compatible for what we have in unless you bring along your international adapter.

Drink would be served, together with snacks. Your eyes are not wrong; we were given small packs of vacuumed Bee Cheng Hiang bak kwa! Nice to see a touch of a Singapore brand here in Taiwan.

I don't understand; the seat knob on top of the side facing the center aisle was indicated as one of the features for business class! Please, give us something more worthy to write about and safety is your argument point, install that for everyone! 


Tickets (for both standard and business cabins) could be pre-purchased via the website at using your credit card. Early birds might even be given discounts of up to 35%! 

For an overview of my 9 Days, 8 Nights Taiwan Trip [Cingjing (清境) - Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) - Taichung (臺中) - Taipei (臺 北)], click HERE.


  1. Never been on the THSR before. Where can we store our luggage?

    1. The luggage is actually at the back of each cabin; however, they could be filled up pretty fast!

  2. Hi Cavin! I was wondering whether or not to purchase business class although the ride from HSR Taichung to HSR Taipei (6pm train) takes only 36 minutes. Having your own luggage bag beside (above) you beats queuing up to take your luggage from the back of the train (standard cabin)!

    1. Hi Kelly,

      It really depends how big your luggage is... Mine was huge and i eventually had to put it at the back. Given i am paranoid about losing my belongings, i resorted to sitting very near to the luggage compartment!

      Take it for the experience! :P But as you mention, the journey is less than an hour and you might not need the luxury.