Thursday, May 29, 2014

Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market (华西街观光夜市) - The Snake Alley @ Taipei [Taiwan]

This is going to be a superbly short post and i am assuring you that i am writing the truth! After spending quite a bit of time at Guangzhou Street night market, we made our way to the bordering Huaxi night market! 

By the time i reached at 8.45pm, the market was already very quiet and a number of stores have actually closed for the day. Nevertheless, i was there to check out the only nemesis of Cavin Teo; snakes!

Also known as snake alley, the street was known for its numerous shops that offer snake blood, snake gall and other snakes dishes to curious tourists and as a bonus, you can even be the recipient of a number of serpent shows. No, not those kinds where the snakes are kissed and played around. 

Rather, you shall be part of the cruel slaughtering. It's hilarious how some people can justify killing with research (as indicated in Chinese above). 

I don't think i have given the night market the necessary due respect with this short post and believe i could find a lot if i am given a chance (and more time) to explore!


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