Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fu Shan Seafood & Tze Cha (富山海鲜) @ Chong Pang [Yishun]

It's the annual mother's day but our family decided not to have it on the actual day as we all know how crowded all the eating establishments would be! Seriously, if you are that filial to your mom, every day is mother's day! 

Rest assured that I am not going to talk about filial piety today (doubt i am qualified anyway) as the yardstick can be hard to measure. So, let's continue with the makan we had at Fu Shan Seafood!

The matriarch of our family and the star of mother's day mentioned that many of her Chong Pang friends were regulars of this tze char stall and thought it should be a good and affordable choice for the celebration. 

Notice the price of crabs (S$5.50 per 100g)? It seemed to be exorbitantly priced but i understand Sri Lanka crabs are usually pricier species. 

Sambal Kangkong
This plate of malay glory was a tad too wet for my liking even though it did not dilute the much needed spiciness signature of this dish. As i was eating it, i could not help missing the pork-lard version i had at S99.

Snowflake Beancurd
Said to be the gem of beancurd dishes, i beg to differ if we are just going to rely on taste. It sure didn't amaze me although i had to admit that besides the beancurd, there was a pretty wide mix of ingredients.

Honey Ribs
An utter disappointment - this style was more braised than honeyed which would be my taste buds' preferred choice. Nevertheless, it was quite nice for a braised pork dish with meat that easily fell off the bones! 

Chilli Crab
When it comes to chilli crab, my first action was to take a scoop of the chilli sauce for tasting purpose. The sauce in this instance had way too much tomatoes. I only realised later that mom has specifically requested for less spicy for Jovyn and Jerald's benefit. 

Oh well, they tasted great when mixed with plain rice. Not that i am enjoying it totally as i should be cutting down on carbohydrates during dinnertime! 

Meat texture of Sri Lanka crabs never disappoints! The claw appeared to be very small because Mom had asked for smaller-sized crabs, knowing fully well that most of her family members (the lazy ones) didn't like to peel off the shells. 

Crab Bee Hoon Soup
It has been a long time since i last had crab bee hoon soup! You know how many of us identify soup with diet; the more the merrier! Of course, we understand the good old advice that moderation is key to good health.

A little too peppery i think; which wasn't really a major issue. However, i didn't get that overwhelming satisfaction and there were two reasons; a lack of robust flavour and a consistency that could have been richer and thicker. 

Barley Soup
This was free and you know what is the ironic thing about this normal looking warm barley soup? Among all the dishes we had that day, this was the best surprise! It wasn't choked with sugar yet tasty enough for me to down two bowls! 


Block 101, Yishun Avenue 5,
#01-93 [within Chong Pang]

Sambal Kangkong (m) - S$9.00
Snowflake Beancurd (m) - S$18.00
Honey Ribs - S$16.00
Chilli Crab and Crab Bee Hoon Soup - S$87.50
Barley Soup - Free
Rice - S$0.60 a bowl

As above.

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