Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Penang Fried Kway Teow @ Upper Boon Keng Food Centre [Near Kallang MRT Station]

When funds are running low, i know it's time to attack hawker centre food! And this known revelation shall bring us to a little known hawker centre in Singapore, the Upper Boon Keng Food Centre that is nearer to Kallang MRT station rather than Boon Keng MRT station.

After circling the hawker centre one round and not finding many stalls open for business, it was a while of observation before i finally made an order with the above stall that sells only Penang char kway teow (and some traditional biscuits).

With a steady stream of customers ordering from the auntie who was single-handedly manning the stall as an order taker, chef and cashier, i believe her kway teow should not turn out to be too bad. I have been through national service and nothing can be as bad as the food in army. 

To put it on very safe ground; this would be one hell of a char kway teow i would go for if i ever feel sick yet want to have something a bit unhealthy (for the flavour). It wasn't sweet (of course not since it wasn't the Singapore's version of char kway teow) and seemed like it was stir fried with just a light sprinkling of soy sauce. 

Nevertheless, i still quite enjoyed the texture of the kway teow (a type of noodles) with its generous amount of beansprouts and eggs even though i personally doubt the Penang authenticity of it. Well, i would have to make a trip to Penang to confirm my doubt. 

Maybe it's time to plan for a Penang trip! 


Block 17, Upper Boon Keng Road,
#01-08, Upper Boon Keng Food Centre

Location Map
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Penang Char Kway Teow - S$3
Minimum order is S$2.50

Additional Information
p.s. the hawker centre is more famous for its mutton soup!

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