Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Scholar Cake (狀元糕) @ Guangzhou Street Night Market 艋舺夜市 (Near Long Shan Si Temple) [Taipei, Taiwan] - Best to Have on a Rainy, Cold Night!

I was about to make a U turn before reaching the end of the Guangzhou Street Night Market near Huaxi Street (note: it is different from the Huaxi Street Night Market) when my sensitive nostrils caught a whiff of something familiar. 

Having a sensitive nose akin to a canine does have its benefits and it didn't take me long to smell out the source of that wonderful aroma which was similar to our local Tutu cakes! 

It was freezing that evening and knowing how tutu cakes can miraculously warm our tummies on a rainy day back in hot and humid Singapore, we decided to have just two pieces of the cakes known as Scholar Cake (guess it has to do with the hat-shape of the final product).

The way it was handmade and then steamed was almost the same as tutu cakes even though it was individually steamed, meaning you would likely have to wait a while when business is good. 

Its wooden holder was also very unique with a design that enabled the owner to "push" it upward. It's hard to describe but i guess i could draw some comparison to the way the chwee kueh aunties scoop out the content from the tiny aluminium holder. 

Unlike our local version, the fillings were limited to peanuts and sesame seeds which were not deliberately hidden from sight; honestly, i felt this really enhanced the presentation of the snack as they all looked so palatable! 

My verdict? 

Amazingly delicious! The texture was much denser than tutu cakes yet maintained a moist consistency that didn't flake off (this often result in me making a big mess of myself). The peanuts were freshly grated with a touch of sweetness and there were two layers of peanuts! 

We bought another two and Alex, being Alex, pestered me for the next few days to revisit the night market just for the scholar cakes! This might be another Taiwanese product that could make it in Singapore! Localise it by adding our local favourites; coconut shreds and gula melaka! 


At the end of Guangzhou Street Night Market

As above

NT$25 for 2 pieces

Additional Information
I saw the same product for sale in Shilin but i can confirm it wasn't half as delicious as the ones from Guangzhou Street. Thankfully, i only purchased one piece! 

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